Canberra (Australia) – May be, maybe not.

May was like an episode of the tele tubbies, and I am not talking about the British kiddies program. How much tele can one pathetic, pain wracked woman watch? As it turns out, quite a lot. When one series is completed, said woman rises from the couch to gaze longingly at the beckoning craft table, only to shed a (metaphorical) tear for opportunities lost. The trick is to keep going. My physical challenges necessitate changing my priorities. Maybe a little less blogging in future. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that. I’m a work in progress so we will just have to see what happens.

I didn’t take many photos this month. It was too painful to carry my camera. I am sure this situation will improve. I had to get my mind around walking without a camera. It felt strange but I am slowly getting used to it. If walking wasn’t so important to magpie training, I might never have got off the couch. As it turns out, walking also keeps my mind and body functional. The crisp autumn air is great for encouraging a brisk pace. I digress here, but I walked to the shop and bought a cheap, a very cheap, art set! Yeah, I know, but at least I will be able to work over a tilted surface rather than a flat one.

As for urban wildlife, we had many visitors to our house this month but, you know, the couch. I did take a photo of one twilight visitor as I ventured outside to hose the dogs to get them to shut up.

A King Parrot visited for some tucker. I am not sure whether the plant is Solanum laciniatum or Solanum aviculare. It is a favourite among the birds and also the rodents. I understand that First Nation’s people use the fruit of Solanum (aka kangaroo apple) to make a poultice for swollen joints, as the fruit contains a steroid used in the production of cortisone. Now, that has got me thinking ….

I didn’t completely do away with my camera. I lugged it out to a couple of nature reserves. The birds were too quick for me so I left those shots to my True Love (TL), while I kept an eye on wayward kangaroos. You will be pleased to know that I didn’t see a single mouse during the day.

Nothing to see here.

And landscapes. [This dam had no water in it last year.]

And plants. [It would make a nice mosaic, don’t you think?]

My TL excelled with birds on sticks. [L-R Common Starling, Scarlet Robin, Collared Sparrowhawk, Yellow-Rumped Thornbill]

And, finally, I was cheered enormously by meeting the fierce mice hunters on my way home. [L-R Fynn, Makea and Ama]

This is my response to The Changing Seasons โ€“ May 2021 photo challenge hosted by the lovely Su at Zimmerbitch. Su has hosted The Changing Seasons for at least two years now and she is looking for someone who may be willing to host the challenge so she can focus on other projects. Please feel free to contact Su, if you think that this is something you might be interested in. I thank Su for her friendship, inspiration, support and kindness to all her monthly contributors over the years. We might all be a little tired though as it is hard to find motivation in the midst of a pandemic.

As of 31 May 2021, it has been 325 days since Canberra recorded a case of community transmission of Covid-19. Meanwhile, the Australian state of Victoria last week entered its fourth lockdown in response to new local cases which arose when an Australian caught the virus while in quarantine and was unknowingly infectious in the community for a period. It is a critical time now for Victorians as the state government attempts to bring the current outbreak under control.

[Mum, dad. Please get vaccinated. Even Ray Hadley is getting vaccinated. I checked.]

Dear Readers, I’m thinking of you all. My TL and I will continue to take photos of birds for the duration. That’s my promise to you, unless of course, we fall off our perches. Hopefully we won’t. Hopefully you won’t either. Stay safe, everyone.

Kind Regards.

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  1. When the body can’t cooperate, the mind keeps working, but the gears slip. Last year covid kept me from the shop for three months because of an arthritic flare after the virus was finished. I blogged in frustration because sitting at a keyboard was all I could do. Hope you are making fantastic mosaics soon Tracy.

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    1. Thanks, Lou.
      I’m sorry to hear you were inflicted with that post viral flare up. It sounds very nasty. You must have been exhausted.

      I’ll be alright eventually and even if I’m not, I’m determined to at least finish the mosaic I’m working on. Fortunately, it is now getting to cold for my glue so I can take it easy for a while, but damn it hurts.


  2. I learned something new about the Kangaroo Apple. We plant it as an annual. It was one of Larry’s favourites. As always wonderful photos. Wishing you well, one day at a time.

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  3. Too many bloggers are talking about leaving…that makes me sad. I hope you feel less hurting, Tracy. I really like the photo of the three (?) kangaroo. I cannot tell if the middle one is waving to you or scratching its ear. Probably waving…. Your mouse hunters are adorable–Flynn has a beautiful smile. Take care of yourself.

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    1. It is very sad, Lois. I am sure Su will pop in occasionally. I’m such an over-sharer so I won’t be leaving, besides you are here. โค I’ll just bore you with the same old photos.
      The kangaroo is having a scratch. As for Fynnie, he is a cheekster but so full of himself.

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  4. Sorry about the lack of motivation Tracy. Join the club. I feel like a break too. We’re all Covid weary aren’t we? But you’ve got lots of good things to show us anyway.

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  5. I love the photos, especially the first reflection, the parrot and, of course the dogs. As for not writing a blog anymore — I ponder that from time to time, too, then when people wrote me saying that the community tightened and clarified during the pandemic and friendships became more 3-D, I saw that was true. So, sonnets. Take care of yourself, Tracy, and you know, I think of you as my cousin in Australia. Godnose we’d have a lot of laughs if ever we could sit on the deck with a cuppa. โค

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  6. I am sorry to read that you’re in so much pain Tracy, and hope that your new art set provides a new and do-able outlet for your creativity.

    Thanks for the shout-out for The Changing Seasons. I will keep it going until someone else takes over — as much as anything because I still want to be able to participate when I feel I have something to say.

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    1. Haha, I probably won’t even open it, Su, but at least it will be there if the urge strikes.
      I look forward to whatever you post in future. It is like a virtual wave. Maybe turn the comments off if you are too busy or not in the mood to chat.

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in pain, Tracy. I hope it will soon ease for you. I appreciate your putting together photos for this post. I am particuarly taken with the King Parrot in the twilight; the blue, red, and green go so well together. My second favorite is the reflection photo. Take good care.

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    1. Thank you Liz. Sorry to whinge but I am not my normal poetic self at the moment. It is a case of don’t worry about the story, just get it out there. That reminds me I still need to do some words on your book. Ana’s too.
      How was your month, Liz?

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      1. You’re welcome, Tracy. My month was busy with work and getting a poetry collection ready for publication. Saturday my husband and I took a drive up to northern Vermont for me to get some more inspiration photos for my new work-in-progress, which is now calling to me very loudly, I’m happy to say.

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  8. Nothing beats chronic pain better than Pacing and Resting (when necessary). On the other hand, being distracted by bird photography outdoors is an enjoyable pursuit which can also help reduce pain. It all depends on the location and severity of course.

    Good to see you getting outdoors on this occasion though. Your TL did very well with the bird shots and I really enjoyed seeing them as your bird life is usually very different to mine down south.

    Love the shots of the kangaroos. The light seemed to be your friend on that day.

    One of the advantages of Lockdown here in Melbourne is the increase of birdsong (when the sun’s out). Haven’t heard so much this morning as the cloud cover is increasing and it feels more than a little chilly outdoors.

    I just saw a news segment on the mouse plague and it looks terrifying. The news reporter mentioned that people in hospitals have even been bitten. But the effect on the farmers and crops is a real worry. I haven’t seen any more on my balcony for a couple of weeks now, so I assume the maintenance crew in this (5-6) apartment complex have been increasingly vigilant in baiting (I assume)?

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    1. Isn’t that funny, Vicki? When I was out in the reserve, my pain disappeared but the moment I got back in the car , my back started to throb. Maybe it is all in my head. That’s what I tell myself anyway because that is one thing I have control over.
      Stay warm, Vicki. I hope your apartment is big enough for you to be able to exercise indoors. I agree the birds tend to lay low when it is chilly and grey.

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      1. It’s not all in the head, Tracy. I DO find sometimes I haven’t been drinking enough water and my constant headache and lumbar spine pain is worse, but is eased by rehydrating with some fresh water or even herbal tea. Caffiene constricts the blood vessels so watch your intake. Heat, like a hot water bottle with 3-4 drops of Lavender essential oil on the cover can help your back pain. I don’t find ice helpful at all. I find the Chinese Medicine approach more helpful. Your spinal discs are in a completely different position between sitting and standing. Standing, or should I say gentle slow walking and fresh air are good for anyone with chronic pain. I had a long taxi trip the other day and afterwards my back and hip pain was definitely worse for the rest of the day. Today, I also have a long taxi trip to the other side of the city for a cardiology surgeon consult. so it’s quite possible my lumbar nerve compression will be exacerbated, but it must be done despite COVID restrictions.

        Just heard the 7 day lockdown has been extended by another 7 days. I’m exceptionally lucky in having a wonderful outlook from my floor to ceiling windows and plenty of simple distractions indoors. With so much parkland and open space around my apartment block, I can just go out the back of the building and walk around in safety, not like a normal suburban house or units. I’ve been pretty much 95% housebound for nearly 2 1/2 years now and live in a small but modern apartment, so it’s not like the older high-rise apartment blocks elsewhere over Melbourne and inner suburbs with poor outlook and/or no heating/air con.

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      2. I knew heart surgery was an eventuality with my (inherited) Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. They need to thin down the thickened heart wall so reduce the outflow obstruction which is making me so breathless and fatigued. 6-8 weeks of recovery and no heavy lifting for 3 months. Then there is the spinal/hip problem to address. I thought I’d get the spine/hip dealt with before the heart surgery, but they (my Cardiologist & the Cardiac Surgeon) want it done in the next month. I’ve got 3 great neighbours and my two brothers, but generally I’m used to resting and taking it easy these days.

        I’ll get a cleaning lady and my neighbour can do the odd chore for me. My friends live a bit far away now I live in the westeern suburbs, especially with the lockdown on/off.

        I might….. just might……get all that photo filing finished one day. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve got a few new activities to follow up in recovery mode.

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  9. I really love the paper tree and water photo. And I”m sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time of it. Sending you some major healing vibes ~

    Yes, this side of the world is feeling the pandemic blues. Our current numbers (in our city, not Thailand) have been dropping, but schools and parks remain closed. Trying to take everything, like you said, day by day… xo

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    1. Thanks, Lani. I always try to include a couple of little bird photos for you. Or rather, you’ve given me a good excuse to do so. We had a huge flock of little birds visit our backyard today. It was a little unusual. The dogs were inside so they felt free to linger. It was so lovely.

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sometimes I tell myself that the bird photos are just for me ๐Ÿ˜›

        You all have such an amazing variety ~ a bird watchers paradise. Not that I’m one, just an admirer from afar. xo

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  10. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in such pain! I do hope you continue to blog, when you can at least, and I always enjoy your photos. They don’t have to be new ones, all your photos are good!

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  11. You are a champion Tracy! Even through your pain you are thinking of us and sharing lovely images of wildlife and beautiful things. Thank you.

    Wishing you safety and health!

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  12. Tracy, no two photos are ever the same so I am sure myself and others won’t tire of viewing your wonderful nature images. Great that you got out for a walk, sometimes without the camera we can see more? Maybe? Pain is draining, nothing wrong with distractions in the form of movies etc, needs must until things change for you.

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  13. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain, Tracy, and am sending healing wishes for a speedy recovery!! And I do hope your new art set will soon be used. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    What lovely photos: just totally love that cheeky scarlet robin, and happy dogs=happy people, right? The kangaroos are wonderful! I’m sure it was waving to you and not scartching its ear. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Been to the park last week myself and had an opportunity to watch our red squirrels after a really long time of missing them. And you know what? I forgot to bring my camera with me! Could have kicked myself but on the other hand it made me enjoy the moment more than if I had taken photos. Hope you’ll feel better soon! Take care x

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