One of my family’s favourite sayings is “There is no use prevaricating about the bush.” Can you guess which movie this saying came from or who said it?

Answer: Wallace from one of the Wallace & Gromit films. Wallace has a way with words.

Speaking of prevaricating about the bush, it is now 15c degrees here. No lie. This means that my glue might finally stick. I had better fly and try it out.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

17 thoughts on “Fly-Bye

  1. 😂. Love it. I checked to see if varicate is a word. Not really. Which means I guess you can’t postvaricate either. Assuming it’s an opposite, Parliament House might be a fun place to try. 😉

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  2. Well the long-dreaded nip in the pre-noon air has arrived here in Pretoria as well, along with a sun showing its face ever later in the morning and taking its leave earlier by the day. I can lie to myself as much as I want that it is not true and that there’s still weeks of summer left, but the chill in my toes screams otherwise…


      1. Thanks very much for your concern, Tracy. You won’t believe my relief, for you, every time I read how well things are going in your part of the world with this pandemic. Amazing how people who haven’t ever met in person can have such a positive connection!

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