One of my family’s favourite sayings is “There is no use prevaricating about the bush.” Can you guess which movie this saying came from or who said it?

Answer: Wallace from one of the Wallace & Gromit films. Wallace has a way with words.

Speaking of prevaricating about the bush, it is now 15c degrees here. No lie. This means that my glue might finally stick. I had better fly and try it out.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

My Day

As many of my regular readers will know, I am quite an introvert.  So you would think self-isolation would suit me well, but even I am struggling.  My True Love and I have had a few tense moments too.  As we have no known cases of active Covid-19 infections in my fair city, restrictions were eased somewhat last weekend.  It is a tricky time.   Physical-distancing fatigue is definitely an issue for a significant proportion of Aussies.  Needing to protect vulnerable family members, among others, our family took cautious advantage of the relaxation of the lockdown rules to catch up with family on Mothers Day. Read more

Take A Walk On The Re-Wild Side

Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, my ambition gets the better of me.   I’ve always wanted to make a mosaic of a red-browed finch.  I tried, but it did not go well.  Perhaps I’m being too much of a perfectionist.  The finished product is a bit ragged because I de-constructed it a couple of times in a manner that was a touch violent.  Still, I got control of myself and made what repairs I could.  Read more