Lens-Artists Photo Challenge Subjects That Begin with the Letter A.

I have one subject and two photos for this challenge. I have chosen Art as my subject, and more specifically, my art. This is my first foray into “protest” art. It seemed an appropriate, non-violent way to express my rage over the last two months. This piece was completed today.

The piece is essentially a hybridised fire-breathing, melting ice-maiden. I originally intended a red, white and blue theme for the figure but due to the limitations of my tile palette, I also included some blue/greens and orange. I think I am just “warming up” to my protest art but as yet have no other projects planned. The following photo was taken on an angle to reduce glare from the gloss tiles.

Anarchy – Tile on board, 30cm x 20cm

Kind Regards.

59 thoughts on ““A” Is For Anarchy And Art

  1. Hi, Tracy. A is for Anarchy, Art. Wonderful. Your sculpture is so expressive and highlights the sadness and terror of the pandemic. Well done! Thanks so much for sharing this and joining us.

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  2. What an interesting juxtaposition of the close up and then the entire view of your mosaic art. At first I saw only anguish in the face, stress deeply seated in the portrait, as if generated by illness or self doubt. But the larger image suggests a bigger horror, terror outside the body, impressed on the subject by the injustice and ambiguities of the world. So well done, Tracy.

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    1. Hi Sharon, I could write an essay about this piece. However I didn’t want to reveal too much because it is for the viewer to interpret. I am really thrilled that you have picked up on all the threads of this piece, both the personal and bigger picture. Thank you.

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      1. Once an artwork is jettisoned into the world, it no longer belongs to the artist. It is now a citizen of the world and subject to all the shifts and settlements of a place constantly in flux – something many artists cannot tolerate. (Otherwise called criticism.)

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  3. Wow! Tracy! Your fire-breathing, melting ice-maiden is fantastic! There’s so much emotion in this one: stress, anger, rage, a bit of anxiety… or maybe I’m just mirroring my own feelings into her but then that’s what the viewer of art always does, isn’t it? Bringing oneself in to the equation.
    I truly love your new protest art style, it’s perfect for our times. Take care!

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  4. Fantastic, Tracy – I don’t know how I have not commented? This is so impressive so expressive and so …exctly the feeling that emanates from it. You are a glorious artist.

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    1. You can’t comment on everything, AC, otherwise you would have no time for your walks or your garden or, groan, housework. But I’m glad you got to see it eventually. Thank you. I’m really happy with it. I’ll do something less complicated next time. Probably. Maybe … ๐Ÿ™‚

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