Today, I thought I might do an experiment and try posting a short video of the irrepressible one.  I have no idea whether the file is too big for readers to view, so your feedback would be very much appreciated.  The irrepressible one is of course my little dog, Ama.  When she wants her dinner, she engages in some remarkable attention seeking behaviour.  What do you think?  Should we surrender to her will?

Kind Regards.

38 thoughts on “All My Trials – Ms Irrepressible

  1. What a cutie! Our cat is similarly demanding. He comes and headbutts my shins as I work in the kitchen. Whichever way I turn, he is there. If that doesn’t work he gets on the bench and swipes at me with his paws. If this goes in for too long and he feels ignored, the claws come out. So he’s not as noisy as Ama but it’s amazing how little creatures can make their presence felt!

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  2. A very well packed box was in the mail. I finally went to town yesterday and what a wonderful beautiful contents was revealed. So much better than the photos. The work and detail is amazing Tracy. Thank you ever so much ❤ ❤


  3. Sadly, it wouldn’t play on my computer, but in general, I think it’s a good idea to give into one’s pets. It’s so much easier to live with them when they’re happy!


    1. Good to know about the video not playing, Ann. Means I have to improve my tech skills. Happiness is her food. Ama is on a special home made diet of rice, fish, vegetables and banana. Honestly, I could eat it myself, Ann.


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