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There has been justifiable angst within the Australian arts industry about the economic impact of Covid-19 on the viability of arts businesses and their employees.  The Australian arts sector employs 600,000 people and generates over $100 billion in economic activity in its own right, as well as being a significant generator of economic activity in other sectors such as hospitality and tourism.   Let’s face it, it’s a tough gig “working” in the arts sector, with work and income fluctuating depending on a whole range of factors.

In the midst of this unprecedented health and economic crisis, you would think that the Australian government could be creative enough to ensure that those in the arts sector could reasonably access the new business, income and welfare support measures that it recently announced in response to the crisis.  However, eligibility criteria appear expressly designed to exclude arts businesses and workers.  We often hear from politicians about the need for Australian industry to be innovative and nimble.  There can’t be a sector more nimble and innovative than the Australian arts sector.  It is almost as if the government doesn’t consider arts jobs real work.  Surely that couldn’t be right?  What do you think?

(Not an Australian band but Dire Straits makes the same point about those perceptions of real work.)

Aussies, please help the Australian arts industry snap back.  For example, you can buy artist merch, music, artwork; enrol in online courses; buy a book; and/or donate to related public appeals.  Support Act is running an appeal on behalf of the Australian music industry.  See here for details of that appeal.

Take care of yourself and others, everyone.

Kind Regards.

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15 thoughts on “Real Work

  1. Great song, AWESOME artist, Tracy. Mark Knopfler is a genius lyricist, a wizard guitarist, and has the most wonderful smoky, soulful rumble of a voice. He’s one of my all-time favorites. I’m sorry for all you suffering artists, but thank goodness we have his music to soothe us, eh?


  2. The highlighting of the crisis faced by musicians and by society in general takes the name “Dire Straights”! Good musical choice.

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  3. I recommend this song from long ago “ Neil Young, Harvest Moon (official music video) on YouTube!


  4. Creating art of any kind is damned hard work. The contributions of the arts to the public good are incalculable. It’s telling that the first programs to get cut in the public schools are art and music.

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      1. It is particularly short-sighted to cut art programs when the Association of College and Research Librarians has developed six pages of visual literacy competency standards for higher education. Six pages!

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  5. YouTube “International Day of Families” Pluto

    Pluto the talking dog is a current meme giving Humorous dog advice.


  6. Here too, of course. As an artist I’m always torn anyway between giving something away to someone who likes it and standing firm and demanding money. I don’t think that’s unusual, especially when the artist is not a “name”.

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