Human behaviour is a funny thing, isn’t it?  I suppose that is because we are all different.  Some of us are naturally very organised.  Some of us aren’t.  Some of us are thin.  Some of us aren’t.  Some of us are old and some of us aren’t.  Some of us are fearful and some of us aren’t.  There is a spectrum, isn’t there?  Also, how you might feel on any given day might depend on whether you managed to buy a few toilet rolls before they all sold out.  It is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

Welcome to my regular Friday song day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.  I am also combining my song day with the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Change Your Perspective.  Let’s rock ‘n roll.


magpie lark


goodenia glabra

Cockatoos all around.


Looping the loop.


Have no fear, ladies and gentlemen, I am not going there for my Friday song.  Not that this has anything to do with the price of hand sanitiser, but can you be disorganised and still have managed to buy toilet paper in advance of the pandemic panic?  I guess you could if you were also fearful.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  Some of us are stranger than others.

Sing along.

I took one of these four photos.  The rest were taken by my True Love (including the last one which I subsequently edited).   He is a remarkably tolerant man, my TL.  He’s got every perspective covered.

Take care everyone.

Kind Regards.

42 thoughts on “To Behave Or Not To Behave

  1. It is All about perspective. Yes. Great shots, but if the mood is in the song, I can not tell how you feel. Björk is not the easiest to understand…The looming Pandemia is a fright to many people, but to react rationally – just read all about it (all we know, and all that is not concealed or left out…). I am not afraid.

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    1. Thank you, Ann Christine. I think my mood covers the full range of the spectrum. Does that help? 🙂 I love your optimistic approach, Ann Christine. As for me, I am all over the place. Sometimes rational, and then definitely not logical, as Bjórk says in the song.

      It is difficult to have a writing blog and a photo blog, sometimes I have to get creative in joining the two up. The Lens Artists challenges gets my most creative efforts.


      1. So grateful for that – love your posts. And – rational, logical and the opposite…that’s me as well. My husband is a hopeless case though…always rational and calculating. 40 years ago that seemed perfect to balance my own temper…but now – some spirituality would have been nice.

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  2. Great post Tracy and your TL has a very good eye for a photo. I chuckle about the loo roll thing and peer in everyone’s trolley as I stroll the supermarket isles. I actually bought an extra 2 packs of loo rolls a couple of weeks before the panic started when my favoured brand was on special. 👍 we are now in Sydney and l see no signs of panic, hardly anyone with masks on, even at the airport or in the crowded rush hour commuter trains. People still hugging and shaking hands. I think it is certainly a problem, but the media is hyping it up…

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    1. Thanks Pauline. I have about a month’s supply of loo paper that is dwindling fast. I did stock up, but clearly I should have used a trolley to get my stuff rather than a hand basket …
      Are you on hols? Take care and don’t forget to swipe and wipe.

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  3. I love Bjork. I was at the store this morning and in my remote part of the world there’s no shortage of hand sanitizers. I guess I should corner the market and inflate the prices.

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  4. Wonderful, Tracy. I love your photo choices and your tribute to your TL. You also give us food for thought about fear and our perspectives of life events. I’m glad you joined us!

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  5. What is it with the loo paper? It’s happening here too. Hand sanitiser I can kind of understand, but have I missed the memo that says Covid 19 = diarrhea?
    Like Pauline, I bought an extra pack in the last loo paper special and am now wondering if I should ration our use so there is plenty to sell by the square if the opportunity arises.
    I’ve been generally fairly calm about the virus, though slightly less so since discovering that two of the country’s four confirmed cases live a few streets away from me.
    With the way people are behaving, I’d rather welcome self-isolation, especially if T doesn’t get to choose the soundtrack. He’s a Bjork fan; me not so much.

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    1. I suppose people are worried about tissue manufacturers closing temporarily if their workers get infected. I’m a little nervous about that, but gee, the every man for himself attitude doesn’t sit well with me. I can understand why you would be nervous about your neighbours, especially if they were in circulation before the diagnosis came back. Working from home seems a good idea. I think I would go mad though if I wasn’t allowed to go outside.

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  6. Cool photos! Flower looks like one of your Donkey Orchids?
    As for the Coronavirus. Well I guess I am at high risk of catching it eventually (work on a uni campus and use public transport all the time) but am not stockpiling toilet paper. Besides – any of Rupert Murdoch’s rags would make a very fitting alternative.

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    1. Not a donkey orchid, Darren. It is a Goodenia glabra. Still an Australian native though. It is a trailing plant. Sorry I don’t know the technical terms. We have a couple of plants at home that grow in pots. They didn’t do well over winter and summer so they are just revealing their delicate tendrils and beauty now. I really love them.
      Haha. We use Murdoch papers on the floor of the bird cage.

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  7. Enjoyed you post, Tracy. You are not alone in trying to put the Coronavirus into perspective. My favorite news station here in Oregon emphasizes “Facts not Fear” as a road to keeping the situation in perspective. I need to get groceries on Monday, and, oh dear, have TP on the list. Wish me luck 😉

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      1. That is so true. As an optimist, I think your point is an important one, and hope a lot more folks make the same realization. As the world heals together from the virus, perhaps we can also become healthier together in our points of view about how we see others…

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  8. Magpie – reminds me of the Aussie show we’ve been watching up here in the States – Secret City. What a helluva show you folks created. Frightened to think how much may be based on fact. Love the birds.

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  9. Wonderful photos, great song and post! I still have a couple of loo rolls left but they’re getting fewer and fewer and I’m beginning to feel desperation creeping in. 😂 Should have bought some when this whole mess started but couldn’t believe that people were as selfish as they so obviously are what with their panic buying and not leaving stuff for the others. 😯

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