Sunshine’s Macro Monday.

Welcome to the photo blog of Tracy’s husband.  Just kidding.  I did have an anecdote to go with this announcement but I will save it until another day.  My bed is calling.  Today I’ve got a couple of photos just to prove that we are still alive.  Take care, readers.  Rest easy.

funky fly
Trichopoda giacomelli

Now with the funky legs.

funky legs

If anyone knows what kind of fly this is, please leave a comment and let me know.

Kind Regards.

49 thoughts on “Funky Fly

      1. Su, the cold waxes and wanes. Every second night I seem to spend hours awake sitting up in bed because I can’t breathe. I decided to have a hayfever tablet yesterday and had a much better night last night. I thought I should give it a try because every time I walked out on the grass I started to itch like mad. Thought it was mozzies but they tend to be in a different area of the yard. Aggghhh. My eye is not quite as blurry so I am happy with that.

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    1. Thanks on behalf of my TL, Lisa. Of course you can ask. It is a Nikon macro lens, VR 105mm f2.8G. This is my husbands first macro lens and he is a beginner with this type of photography. He has hardly used it at all – the wind blows, the insects move fast! Gosh, it’s hard. I will have more to say about this when I write up my anecdote. I had better stop there or I’ll have nothing to say, lol, including a mention about another gentlemen who takes insect photos to die for. I cropped the image of course. It was shot in jpeg format. Our computer is too wussy for raw. Hope that helps.

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      1. Wow, I am so impressed! Yes, I tried raw after taking a short class. I had to open it in Lightroom, too much work to just look at the photos. But, I am continuing to learn stuff. So much fun!


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