There is not a lot of leading the way happening in Australia at the moment.  So rather than throw up my hands in disgust, I thought I would participate in this week’s Lens-Artists Photo ChallengeLeading Lines.  I don’t want to lead you astray so I’m going to try to follow the brief and let the lines take you on the journey.


Ama close up

This was Ama’s first and, so far, only experience of snow.  She loved it.  All Finish Spitz instinctively know that creatures hide beneath the snow.  That arched back tells the story.  By the way, I had a debate with my son about whether I should blur out her cute little butt, but he thought that my readers would be able to cope.  In any case, the leading line has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

Mid-distance (sort of).


My True Love lined up this cutie echidna.  It figures, right?



My happy place and home to many koalas.  As far as I can ascertain, this beautiful area has been spared from this year’s catastrophic bushfires.  Let’s not even think about what might happen over the next few months.  As we walked along the beach, we saw terns fishing in the water behind the wake.  They were joined by a pelican and an eagle.  The eagle dove into the water just a few feet away from us.  I had to pinch myself.  It was like a dream.  Ah bliss, it is all coming back to me now.

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Kind Regards.

Thank you to Tina, Ann Christine, Patti and Amy, who take it in turns to host the Lens-Artists Challenge each week.  Click on the link at the top of the post to find out how you can join in.

43 thoughts on “Lead The Way

  1. Your post gave me my first smile of the morning Tracy! The puppy shot is definitely smile-worthy ! Interestingly the first I ever heard of an echidna was in a Jeopardy question this week and here you are with the second😊. Adorable little creatures aren’t they?

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      1. Thanks for the info. Starting about 6-7 May, Itinerary at a Glance:
        ● 2 nights in Auckland
        ● 3 nights in Queenstown
        ● 2 nights in Dunedin
        ● 1 night in Fairlie
        ● 2 nights in Melbourne
        ● 3 nights in Cairns
        ● 3 nights in Sydney

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  2. I must agree with all the others here – love the echidna, and Ama of course! Happy to hear there are beautiful places spared, and also homes to koalas.


  3. Yes, I did enjoy your trip down memory lane, the last photo in particular, such a beautiful spot. Ama reminds me of a beloved dog I had some years ago who was the same color and had the same cute little butt.

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  4. Have you had a look at YouTube to see Canadian forces helping to dig out the city of St John’s Newfoundland from under a January 17th, 2020 blizzard that dumped over meter of drifting snow driven by winds that at times were hurricane force. This sort of storm is very unusual and likely will be more common in future as climate change brings about more severe weather events. Ama would love it. Tracy I liked the photographs in this post.

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    1. Oh dear, Sid. I just checked out a few videos of the snow at St John. You expect snow like that at Antarctica. No wonder the council declared a state of emergency. I hope no one was hurt.
      Ama would have been in her element though if she were there.


      1. It broke the one day snow fall record established in 1898. The 2020 blizzard brought people together and time in a way stopped with business closed, roads closed, airports closed, ferries closed and hearts opened.

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  5. The little echidna is so cute! I hope I get a chance to see one in real life one day.

    I’m holding out hope that the resilience with which the natural environment bounces back from the awful fires will leave us all astounded. It usually does.

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    1. Hello Dries. You would love the echidnas. Joubert too. You have to be lucky to see them in the wild, but regular visitors to our bush lands, would surely get lucky from time to time. 🙂
      The environment will recover. It might not be quite the same but still beautiful. Unfortunately, we may have lost rare species of plants and animals. We shall see.

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