A fissure has emerged in our household, ladies and gentlemen.  Or at least it has for the purposes of this post.  My True Love has told me in no uncertain terms that he is sick of my virtue signalling.  Well, that was my interpretation of what he said.  He actually said that he didn’t want to retire and spend the rest of his getting shorter life with me if I was going to be so hysterical ALL THE TIME about climate change.  I need to stop being so anthropocentric.

Apparently, no amount of lecturing from me is going to convince those who neither believe in, nor care about, this human-induced climate emergency, to change their minds and act upon it.  If the scientists can’t do it, who can?

This is the trouble, ladies and gentlemen, when you’re married to a geologist by training.  He thinks in millennia.  As he has explained to me, complex life is fragile.  If we humans are not around in 100 years, or there are far fewer of us (and there is a very good chance of that), then the earth will possibly correct itself  in a few 100,000s of years.  That sounds awfully like the theory of Gaia to me (look up James Lovelock and the Gaia Hypothesis).

Well, crap, ladies and gentlemen.  I am a practical gal and I am concerned about the chaos that will occur, is already occurring, over the next 50 years, and the affect this will have on this generation of children.

So I am going to get my placards together and join the global climate strike anyway.  I want a clean, safe (low carbon) future for all children; built on renewable energy if possible.  However, if that is too hard an ask both politically and technologically (and it seems it is with our current Aussie Government), well then I am just going to keep my mouth shut the next time said Government flags the option of nuclear power.  At least going nuclear is doing something.  Also, Australia has a lot of uranium, as well as coal, so it could be good for the economy (not to mention corporate mates), right?   As for finding a place in Australia to bury our waste, I think the Galilee Basin would be an excellent choice, don’t you?

Thanks for listening.  Please support the young people’s Global Climate Strike.  Better still, listen to the scientists and act like it is an emergency because it really is.

Kind Regards.

PS. Australia and the EU are currently negotiating a Free Trade Agreement.  If you are a European citizen, you could write to your governments and request they don’t sign an FTA with Australia, unless Australia does more to reduce its emissions.  Just sayin’.

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  1. Very interesting post. Canada is currently in a Federal Election and climate change is one of the key issues. The debating of this climate crisis falls either as it needs immediate action or it only needs very modest action if any. I’m reminded of the joke about onanism. ‘’Johnny if you keep doing that you will go blind.” ‘’Oh okay then, I’ll keep doing it until I need glasses.”

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  2. Much the same here. Money behind so much greed to rake in, so little acknowledgement of the real crisis. I’m 71 and have 4 grandchildren. I’ve long said it’s unlikely (because of their ages and mine) that I’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting my great-grands. Now I hope that’s because of the age thing and not because the world I leave behind is so ill and toxic that the next generation(s) will exist only on a razor’s edge, if at all.
    We need a swell of movement from people who see more than their wallet or their limited ethnicity. Stay true, Tracy, stay true.

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      1. I know, Tracy!😉 It is impossible to believe he wouldn’t be as passionate about it as you are. My hubby and I may disagree about a lot of things but when it comes to environment, politics or kids, we are on the same wavelength.🙂

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  3. I’m joining too, Tracy. Walking down the road to join the school kids at midday. I agree with your TL about the world rejuvenating and getting along (better) without human beings, but there will be so much collateral damage along the way, and I’m not only talking about our children. Time to make this climate change denying no- plan government take proper notice.
    If I could get the climate change word press ‘toggle’ to work, my blog would be on strike too.

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      1. Ours wasn’t such a big march, but we got our message across. I’m so impressed with those school kids; they are certainly committed. We had a lot of baby boomers (my age group) attending as well. Mudgee is pretty conservative too, so I enjoyed being with like-minded people.

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  4. As an Australian I wholeheartedly back that! Will be leaving work at lunch time today to march with the kids, who are showing more leadership than our leaders.

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  5. I hear you, Tracy, and I’m just the same – I can’t keep my mouth shut, even it means that everybody around me starts to roll their eyes. As long as they don’t shut their ears they’re game for me and I will keep drowning them with my tirades in the hope that they will simply do what I tell them because they can’t hear it anymore. 😉 Maybe this technique will also work with our politicians? Weirder things have happened. 🙂

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  6. My brother was CEO of a large energy company and firmly believes only nuclear energy will help in the ‘near’ time. He feels the emotions about it are overreactions. Not sure I agree but he also feels there is no way that movement can succeed against the naysayers. When he retired he moved to a mountaintop in Colorado where the air is clean and he is surrounded by nature. Agree w you wholeheartedly Tracey.

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    1. Despite the current review, we are unlikely to get a nuclear power station here. No one wants a nuclear reactor in their backyard. I really hope renewable technologies improve quickly and become super cheap over the next couple of years. Not all of us can escape to a well watered mountain top.


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