One of my favourite obsessions is to try to get decent bird photos.  It is not so easy with the little birds, but I have been having a little more luck with the parrots.  We have been having very grey days in wintry Canberra.  When the sun shows itself, I quickly grab my coat and go out for a walk or take a cup of coffee outside and park myself in a sunny spot.  I am not alone in finding the sun soothing.  The parrots have been enjoying a few rays too, ruffling their feathers as though to trap all the warmth in the pockets of air they create.

I have found a spot quite close to my home where the red-rumped grass parrots like to hang out.  They are usually feeding on the ground and at those times it is almost impossible to see them, so well camouflaged in the grass are they.  However, it is also a popular walking area for people and their dogs, so one only has to wait a short time for a frisky to dog to flush them into the trees.

The sulphur-crested cockatoos are regular visitors to my home.  They are very hungry at the moment so there will often be flocks of them feeding on the roadside verge.  My gum trees catches a few rays in the late afternoon sun, so it is a favourite preening spot at that time of day.

The galahs are looking sweet.  Most of the time they have their heads firmly down in the grass feeding, but they will take a break to make sure they look beautiful for their mate.


A family of three yellow-tailed black cockatoos are visiting.  Usually they flock together in greater numbers but that does not seem to be the case this year.  They have taken up residence  at my neighbour’s house.  I think food must be scarce due to the drought.  My neighbour has many flowering natives.  We have some too, but they are not to the cockatoos’ taste.  Our garden is designed for the smaller birds.

Nevertheless, the parrots make the best of it and so do I.

Kind Regards.

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27 thoughts on “Parrots Preening

  1. Hi, Tracy. Lovely images of beautiful creatures. That’s one of my favorite memories of Oz…waking up to the sound of these wonderfully exotic creatures calling to each other in the trees! Do you think you’ll change your garden next year so it’s more like your neighbor’s?

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    1. I don’t think my neighbour has a vegetable garden, Patti. We need to retain a little light in the yard to have 3 plots (so we can rotate), so unfortunately this means we can’t overplant like he has. We may be able to do more out the front though. Our garden is constantly evolving, Patti.

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  2. Thanks for the pictures, Tracy. I do get to see parrots and yellow-footed green pigeons occasionally from my balcony, but it is mostly rock pigeons and a few house crows which can be seen around.

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    1. Green Cay and Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Not that i watch bird videos or anything. Spring is best apparently but no time like the present. But yeah, the birds are great around my backyard at the moment. My husband tells me I am just noticing now because I’m retired.

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  3. Beautiful images Tracy and what a treat to see so many lovely birds up close 😀💖 xxx

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