Dear Readers, my husband and I are just happy snappers when it comes to bird photography.  I originally posted these photos on my FB page because I didn’t think they were good enough for the blog, but one of my friends thought otherwise.  So I duly present them to you, because although the photos aren’t brilliant, this little Nankeen Kestrel definitely is. 

The Nankeen Kestrel is one of Australia’s smallest birds of prey at 30-35cm.  It does not rely on speed to capture its prey.  It spies its target from a look-out and then hovers silently just a few feet above the ground until its prey emerges.  Mice are a favourite meal.  Its hunting proficiency is to be admired.   We saw this little bird catch and devour two mice within 15 minutes.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  It is carrying the mouse so gently …..

Nankeen Kestrelnankeen kestrel 2

That brings to an end this series of carnivorous bird photos (see Part 1 here) and an end to the little mouse.  Having said that, what’s the bet that we are inundated with raptor photo opportunities in the following months?

Kind Regards.

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    1. What! I’ve just noticed that I can’t click on them and enlarge them either. I used to be able to when loading them that way. Sometimes WP drives me crazy.

      I’ve just tried zooming in by holding down ctrl and scrolling up with the mouse wheel. That zooms in (enlarges what is on screen). If you don’t have a mouse wheel, then CTRL ++ works. But geez, how annoying. Not you, Judy, but the system.


      1. I always save them at 1000 dpi and check full size and the tiled Mosaic. When I do this, they’ll always enlarge to full size. Sometimes I need to go out of edit, then go back into it to get them to show the gallery setting in the media file. It’s crazy.

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  1. If this doesn’t sound familiar to you and you need clearer directions, let me know and i’ll try again tomorrow. I woke up at 4 am this morning and it’s now midnight. I think it’s time for bed.

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  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly about photography – to me the subject is so much more important than the quality of the photo and that’s what I try to convey on our blog as well – it matters little that the shots might be a bit grainy or out of focus if it shows the subjects distinctive features and interesting behaviour, and helps to bring awareness of our natural treasures to the world.

    Your photos of the Nankeen Kestrell are excellent because they clearly showcase an amazing creature, of which I am sure most of your blogging friends like me have never heard, going about its natural way of life – who can fail to be impressed by that!?

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      1. Very kind of you, Tracy – thank you! I am also very glad you shared these photos and the information about your kestrel – it broadened my and many other people’s understanding of our world!

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  3. A brilliant and beautiful kestrel indeed, and your photos do it justice! I’m so glad that friend convinced you of posting it on your blog!! 😄

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