I do like my food.  Who doesn’t?  My son tried crickets the other day.  They were cooked.  He wasn’t too keen on going back for seconds.  Some of my friends prefer the raw diet.  Let me show you.

(Photos cropped to within an inch of their lives.)

Cormorant with Redfin perch.  Redfin are an introduced pest species.
Currawong with mouse prize.
Straw-necked ibis with a decent sized earthworm.

To each their own.

Kind Regards.

Response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt — Gourmand.


35 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food

    1. How fabulous to be in the presence of such a beautiful bird, Martha. Try visiting around midday. When the sun is high in the sky, the glare is supposed to prevent those critters on the ground/underwater from seeing what is flying overhead.


      1. It was 1 pm. But the wind was pretty high and the water was choppy. Last time I saw the osprey, he was flying into the wind, catching an updraft from the lake. He flew only a couple meters above me and looked me right in the eye like he was saying, “Haven’t seen you here before!” They’ve filled the lake and the White Pelicans are not as happy with it as when it was low. Most have left.

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  1. Your photos loaded up super quick this time!! Yay! 😄
    I really love those swirly colourful reflections in the first, they make me immediately think of watercolours (pun completely intended 😉).
    To each their own – hehe! All those yummy fish, mice and worms! 😉
    I’m not surprised your son wasn’t keen on seconds, I’ve never heard of cooked crickets only fried ones. No idea if that makes them taste better though. 😉
    There’s going to be grilled green asparagus for dinner for me today – which is in about ten minutes. 😄

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  2. I have been an almost lifelong vegetarian so I would make a lousy animal–**no really, you can have the mouse.** Your header photo–now we’re talking!

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  3. Oh, I tried grasshoppers in Mexico just recently; they were actually tasty, very crispy and served with guacamole. The chef was kind enough to prepare them chopped, so you could not really recognize any head, thorax or abdomen, he he.

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  4. Fantastic photos! My hubby tried fried crickets once. I was not hungry that day. Lol. I guess with the right condiment we can eat almost anything. I’m pretty sure I would prefer Sarah’s grilled green asparagus over mouse and crickets though. The cheese, bread and walnuts from your pic above look delicious by the way.

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    1. One of my other Readers has had fried crickets with guacamole. She said they tasted quite nice. I might take her word for that.

      The table shot was of my friend’s 50th birthday spread. It was simple and delicious. And the location was a national park, so the ambiance added to the flavour.

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