January —  the season of abundance.  It can’t help it if it so hot.  Temperature records were broken again during January, including in my little part of the world.  Our town had four consecutive days above 40ºc, a new record.  Due to the bushfire hazard, many of our nature reserves were closed to the public.  So I’ve been housebound and cabin fever has set in.  Hence, this month’s post focuses on the small haven that is my garden.

I’ve been hanging out with the dogs, including this guy, who suffered the indignity of a two-week post-op confinement.  There is a little less of him these days, but the personality is still large.  His face is obscured to protect his privates privacy.

poor dog

Every year we rotate our veggie beds.  This year we have planted against the house, using the pumpkin and zucchini vines to shade the brickwork and provide some evaporative cooling.  The tromboncino is fruiting prolifically.  One tromboncino vine has the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  They remind me of elephant ears.  We thought we should try our luck at a heirloom pumpkin, Lakota, and have harvested five already.  The okra seedlings, which were slow to establish, are thriving in the heat and are delivering a steady supply of produce for curries.  The fig tree has also provided.


Tromboncino with okra and phone?

Thank goodness for the flowers, which provide relief from indoor dimness.

Feathered and furry visitors to the house were hot too.  If we were not diligent about closing the garage door, Mr Possum would sneak back in to sleep off a hard night.  We thought he might have died in the garage from the heat, but no, he was just lying on his back so he could lick his under-carriage to cool down.  He was not averse to the occasional light sprinkle with the hose.  We had a rare visitor — a juvenile or female Superb Parrot.  These parrots are listed as vulnerable (or endangered depending on location) with less than 6,500 left in the wild.  The poor parrot was very stressed from the heat.

possum plays dead
Mr Possum, that is not your best angle.

superb parrot

Much to my amazement it has been nearly been a year since I first started participating in The Changing Seasons challenge.  It was always my intention to do it for just one year.  I started in March last year, so I only have this month and February to go.  I am keen not to bore you all senseless with the same old, same old, so all good things must come to an end.  The Changing Seasons monthly photo challenge is hosted by Su Leslie from Zimmerbitch.  Do consider joining in.  It is so much fun.

My loves did venture out into the sub-alpine areas nearby.  I will post some of their beautiful photos later.  The walk was judged too strenuous for me.  I complained but it was a fair call on their part.  I guess someone had to stay home to look after the dog.

Kind Regards


39 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – January

  1. I’ve just heard about the heat in Australia on the news – 51°C in some parts!! That’s just terrible! And so many animals dying because of it too, all those lovely bats dropping from the trees. 😦 And if course humans suffer too. I feel so bad for having complained about our 39°C in the summer. Please take good care of yourself, Tracy!
    Wow! Your garden looks spectacular! It’s indeed thriving, even with this weather. Poor Mr possum, that’s really not his chocolate side. 😉

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    1. I’ve only experienced a European summer once, Sarah, and that was in the early 90s. Mid 20s in Ireland felt like mid 30s to me, so I bet your 39 degrees felt hotter than our 39 degrees.

      We’ve got a couple of big water tanks, so we’ve been able to keep the water up to the veggie garden. We ended up getting enough rain in December to top up the tanks. We also only have a small patch of green grass which benefits from the veggie watering.

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      1. I guess it always depends on what one is used to. A friend of mine lives in south Japan now, and she says that 19 degrees feel cold to her now!!

        Oh, and by the way – would love if you´d continue with the Changing Seasons – I´m being selfish here, I know, but I just looove your posts! 😀

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  2. A lovely post Tracy. I feel for all our wildlife during this heat wave, I bet mr possum does love a little sprinkle. All those leaves on the wall are a great idea, and I will have to check out the tromboncino, never heard of it but it looks very prolific. Our humidity seems to put paid to any pumpkins we’ve attempted to grow.

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  3. I also have not heard of a trombocino, but it looks interesting. I’ve given up growing veggies this summer and planted zinnias in my raised bed. They seem quite happy despite the heat. It’s a struggle keeping everything alive and I am thinking such a large garden wasn’t a good idea!


      1. I don’t think I need more trees as we have about 15 in our back garden! I need them to get on and grow…. Thank you for the offer of the seeds Tracy, I look forward to planting them.

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  4. It’s great that you are getting produce from the garden in that heat — I’m sure you are much more diligent at watering than I am, but it is still pretty extreme. I really must stop complaining about the temperatures here.
    Like Sarah, I really would like it if you carried on with the Changing Seasons. I’m struggling to see how I could get bored with your posts.

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    1. I have had a whole month off watering while my husband been on holiday, Su. He has been very diligent, but he goes back to work on Tuesday. He was the reason I was able to finish my mosaic! Next month the garden may be looking a little less healthy.
      🙂 I will see what happens in the future.

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      1. Yes, my son who is a pro photographer took some shots and I’ve asked him if I can put one up soon. So hopefully you’ll get to see one.


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