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It seems that this month, there is a new temperature record broken every other day.  Another scorcher is forecast tomorrow.  When the temperature dropped below 35c yesterday, I quickly hightailed it out to the surrounding bush.  Due to my mosaic project and hot weather, I’ve been terribly inactive and was afraid my legs would no longer work, but I can report that they are still in walking order.

My photograph of a helicopter carrying water to a fire near Tidbinbilla (24/01/2019).

This is what happens when water becomes a commodity.  I predict that the former federal water minister will lose his seat at the next election over this debacle.

My thoughts are with Vanda from Our Other Blog:  Two Sisters and Two Points of View, whose town has been evacuated due to the bushfire emergency in Tasmania.

Stay safe and look out for your neighbours.


27 thoughts on “More Of The Same

  1. Our summer was long hot and dry with many wild fires. Smoke blanketed us for days. I have never experienced the type of heat you are suffering. I could not cope with your extreme temperatures.

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    1. We don’t have your cold winters, Sid, so it is just a different kind of extreme. The dust and smoke has been very off-putting and is another reason, I’ve stayed indoors. I’ve often thought about moving to other parts of the country, but when I look at their summer temperatures, I’ve gone nup, I’ll stay where I am. Most climate scientists, and I know a couple, would agree with that.


      1. I’m fortunate to live where extremes do not last long. On the prairies temperatures have plunged to minus 35 degrees C. Today where I live it’s 10 degrees C, not raining and some folks are in shirt sleeves your garden is beautiful.

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      2. 10 degrees sounds quite pleasant to me now. 🙂 We are working hard to create micro climates in the garden. The front of house that gets the westerly sun feels 10 degrees hotter, and the ground is like concrete. Still I think we can improve there too.


    1. Adelaide is a beautiful city but the temperatures are ferocious. I think the publican had people queuing up for over an hour in the sun to get a beer. Adelaide relies on the Murray-Darling rivers for their water. They are last in line for the water which crosses multiple states, none of which want to give up “their” water so that those further downstream have a decent quality and quantity of water. Adelaide’s water is not the best tasting so I think the locals prefer to drink beer. 🙂


  2. I was horrified about that terrible fish disaster at Menindee. It makes it seem more personal when I have just recently been there. I can imagine the smell. Yes someone must be made accountable

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