I spent several hours eating a lot of chocolate so that I could write a post today.  It was rubbish (the post, not the chocolate), so I ditched it.  Still suffering and not just because of the chocolate.  I must reform (new year’s resolution?) and prioritise my waistline (currently lack thereof) over my blog.  So when all else fails, post a photo!

Exciting news.  We have a boarder/free-loader.  A young male brush-tailed possum now calls our garage (euphemism for tin shed, complete with peeling paint) home.  We discovered him yesterday.  Goodness knows how long he has been there.  It was so hot (37°c)  today so we put out a dish of water for him.  He didn’t say no.  Check out the huge eyes.  Yes, they are nocturnal.


And now for some leg.  Mine, not the possums.  I’m still suffering from eating a croissant on Christmas Day.  I don’t do well on gluten.  I am well padded (okay, corpulent), but I normally have nice dainty ankles, but not since the croissant.  What was I thinking!  39°c for the next few days.  Maybe I’ll put my feet up.


The possum needs a name, and his own blog, don’t you think?

Kind Regards

Response to the Ragtag Daily PromptCorpulent.  Click on the link to join in.

47 thoughts on “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Possum

  1. Oh my God! think I’m in love with that possum!!! He’s sooo cute! 😍 Definitely needs a name and his own blog! How about Edgar? Or Rousseau? Or Puck? Ok, I’ll leave it to you now. 😉
    Poor you! Keep those feet up!

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  2. I love the possum. Lamont. But that’s what I name everything. Jacques. I’m sorry about your feet/ankles. That’s annoying and uncomfortable. I understand, though. For Christmas I allowed myself a baguette…


      1. Yeah, the baguette was risky but no adverse affects, so maybe my gluten sensitivity was something else. I’m going to test it again…

        No possums belong where they belong. I feel the same about “my” deer. They seem to have left and I am sorry, but I also don’t want them getting used to me in their world.

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  3. Possums are protected in Aus aren’t they? They are such a pest here and tend not to be particularly welcome house-guests. But I will admit he is cute.
    Hope the swelling has gone down, and that you’re taking it easy. 🙂

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    1. They are protected, Su. The brush-tailed possum is such an opportunist and a bit of a pest here too. The ring-tail possums are less common, and shy, so they mostly stay away from people. Possums can do a lot of damage in the roof space of houses. One killed my apricot tree when it ate all the green shoots as they appeared. It was terribly dry here and the possum was desperate for moisture and nutrition. I would like this one move on, but I will need to clean the garage so that I can close the garage door after it leaves at night. In the meantime, I can enjoy his little face. 🙂

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      1. I really struggle with, on one hand knowing the damage animals like possums do, and on the other being totally unable to ignore a particular creature in need. Unless it’s a rat, then I just run screaming for the Big T.

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  4. No no no. Possums are the bane of my life. They enjoy peeing as they walk to leave a urine trail that others can come around to party. Parties usually get into full swing about 2:30am. Possums will eat your vege garden and other flowers and things you like. They will shit in your roof and one hot day you will open the shed and wonder why your eyes water from the acrid stench. Relocate before you become a bitter and twisted possum hater., I have lots of places for possums to live so they don’t need to live in my sheds or house roof space.
    I hope you are feeling a bit less swollen

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    1. I agree, Brian. He has to go. I will have to clean up the garage/shed so I can close the door. Too hot today though. Strangely, he is not there today. Either he didn’t like the attention, or he knew it was going to be 60c under that roof.
      It will take about a week for the swelling to go down. I’ve learnt my lesson (again).

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  5. The Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, has experienced what some wag has called, “Grand Theft Otter.” An elusive otter has found his way into the Garden’s koi pond and has been dining on the exotic koi. With only three koi left in the pond, including one called Madonna, the local aquarium has rescued the three survivors. The otter is still at large and can skillfully remove the bait from humane traps. How the otter got to the koi pond is a mystery but his journey involved traveling at night through the downtown core of the city. Some residents are cheering for otter to continue to evade capture. He has a cute face.

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  6. I think you have been sharing your chocolate with that rather corpulent possum. They can be a real pest, though cute with it, I hope he has relocated by now. The ankles look sore, but a good excuse to put your feet up and let everyone else wait on you. I’ll join you on the waist searching New Years resolution 😊


      1. Just got some cheese and dips left, gave all the goodies to the grandkids. Had a lovely family time and all gathered at the youngest (46yo) sons place so left all the mess and surplus food at his place…. weather is perfect at the moment

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  7. I hope your ankles continue their way back to normal, and that your possum will choose to leave on its own. I had a possum living under a shed and I have to say that I stopped seeing mice droppings in the shed during that time. The poor thing left when the shed was totalled by a fallen tree (long story, maybe I will write a post about that.) Take care Tracy!


    1. Thank you, Irene. The possum moved on for a day and has now returned. We will have to encourage him to leave. The story of your possum sounds interesting.

      My feet are still a little swollen. I did eat a few things without properly investigating the ingredients. 😦 Oh well, it will get better.


      1. Yikes! Is it just gluten that you cannot tolerate? I have a cookie recipe with corn starch (corn flour, Maizena), I will post it soon. Take care Tracy, and I am looking forward to the conclusion of the possum story!

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      2. Thanks, Tracy! I have a couple of bread stories for the new year, but I will start reviewing some low card recipes soon, since I do need to get rid of all the season’s weight gain!


  8. I hope the swelling has gone down Tracy, I don’t know if you use the hot and cold bucket switcheroo? Place your feet and ankles in a bucket with ice cold water for two minutes, then in a bucket of warm water for 1 minute and repeat this twice more. It gets the circulation going through the swollen parts and can bring great relief. The possum looks adorable 🙂💖 xxx

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