There has been rather a bird deficit of late on this blog, so it is time for a couple of bird photos.  The Ragtag Daily Prompt is host, so it seems only fitting that I feature a cuckoo in today’s post.  Cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, leaving the host to do all the hard work raising the young.

On a recent trip to Tidbinbilla (a nature reserve outside of Canberra), I spotted a couple of Fan-tailed Cuckoos.  The Fan-tailed Cuckoo is an attractive little bird which lives in woodland and forests.

Fan tailed cuckoo.jpg

fan tailed cuckoo 2.jpg

Host-species preferred by the Fan-tailed Cuckoo include other small woodland birds like flycatchers, fairy wrens, scrubwrens and thornbills, but it particularly likes to parasitise the nests of brown thornbills.  Hmm, I wonder why?  Perhaps because they look similar.

brown thornbill.jpg

On the odd occasion, I might have thought about sending my own kids off to boarding school (more on that in an upcoming post).  Lucky for me that I didn’t.

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26 thoughts on “All Care And No Responsibility

  1. A bird deficit? We can’t have that! 😉 Such beautiful photos, Tracy, the blue in the background is almost iridescent. I don’t know why but I always found cuckoos rather clever. 😉 Although I would never do the same if I had kids.

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      1. Yep, you were on a roll while I was away! I had a great time during my break, and also reading your posts last night, with a cup of tea.


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