This post is dedicated to my little dog, Ama, who is not well.  So far we know that she has copper storage disease but not how bad it is or whether we can mitigate it.  I’ve not had much time for blogging lately as we’ve had a lot of medical appointments and I’ve been researching treatments, including low copper diets.  It helps to be informed when talking to veterinary specialists.  It also gives me something to do while I worry.


Ama’s birthday is this Saturday.  She’ll be six.  When I was looking for a pet name for her, I read that Ama meant born on a Saturday (in Ghanaian).  As she was born on a Saturday, and the name had a nice ring to it, we just went with that (plus we like to say Um-ah when she is naughty).  She also has a pedigree name – Eurabbie TaehtiTaehti means Polar Star in Finnish.  Everything does seem to revolve around the little minx so it is fitting, but more importantly, she lights the way.

Here’s hoping that her star continues to shine.


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41 thoughts on “Bright Star

  1. Tracy–I am so sorry to read this. Poor little Ama. I hope the doctor has some good advice to help her on the road to recovery. If I had a second language, it would be ‘Dog&Cat.’

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    1. Thank you, Margaret. It is difficult.
      I’ve been thinking of your family too as you’ve been rather quiet.
      PS. Weirdly, your comment didn’t appear in my notifications but only in my comments field which I rarely check except when I hop into it to clear my spam. My apologies if I haven’t picked up other comments.

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      1. That’s odd – I haven’t been quiet at all, and post, as ever, twice weekly. I’ve just discovered a blogging ‘friend’, whom I’ve been in blogging contact with for maybe six years, has had all her comments on my posts junked into Spam for the last two months or so. Funny things happening… But I hope things start to go better for you really soon.

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    1. Thank you for your kind wishes, Ann. There is no cure. Low copper diets and medications which bind the copper can be used for dogs whose livers are caught in early stages of disease can extend the the life of dogs. We are still waiting for information on toxicity levels. It must be our turn for some good news.

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