To photograph or not to photograph?  The other week a tree fell on a house in my suburb.  It did considerable damage.  No one was hurt.  It would have made an interesting photo, but I don’t take photos of other people’s misfortunes.  On the other hand, it is not my intention to completely sanitise my blog to focus on only the positive.


I thought this was an interesting outlook.  Then I realised there was a dead kangaroo in an advanced state of decomposition in the photo.  Life is weird and wonderful, but it is also hard.

Each week, Debbie from Travel with Intent hosts the One Word Sunday Photo Challenge.  This is my contribution to this week’s challenge — Viewpoint.  Oh well, at least my title is one word.

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14 thoughts on “Viewpoint

  1. Thanks Tracy – an honest and frank viewpoint. I was hoping to see some wide interpretations of this topic, and i have to say a dead kangaroo wasn’t on my list.
    Like you, I try to tell a true story with my images, but showing tragedy is a difficult one – share only if it can make a difference is my motto

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  2. I agree. It is not right to photograph other people’s misfortune especially something so personal as their home. I try to think how I would feel if people were gawking and taking photos of my house.

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    1. I know. Awful. I did once take a photo of a sunset over a river, and didn’t even realise that in the foreground someone had broken down in their car on the side of the road. My husband chastised me about pointing my camera in their direction, but I was oblivious to them. So I try to be very conscious now of where I point the camera. But it is very easy just to be caught up in the picture I have in my head!


      1. Yes it is. I never get people whose first impulse at an accident scene is to whip out a phone and post it on social media. Surely trying to assist or alternatively getting out of the way of those who are would be more helpful.

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  3. do concentrate on the negative and people’s misfortune and the public tend to lap it up. But I often think it is over done. Where do you draw a line on what needs to be shown and what is sensationalism for the sake of getting viewers? Maybe this could be related to our posts. I love this view of what is quite common out here in the countryside

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    1. Thankfully I’ve never come across anyone in the blogging world who takes photos just to sensationalise. But it is so easy to get caught up in the moment, so I have to set boundaries. As for the dead kangaroo in the photo, it does make me homesick for the great outdoors. Must be an Aussie thing! 🙂

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  4. Yes, I agree. Don’t understand how people film rather than help.
    I was unwell on a flight once and when I came to, I found three burly miners in high viz clothing shielding me from the rest of the passengers, while one wiped my face with a damp towel and the other was checking my pulse! I nearly swooned again!

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