I’ve gone from light programming to the sublimely ridiculous.  As one does.  We’ve got a big race coming up in a couple of weeks in Australia.  It’s the race that stops a nation – the Melbourne Cup.  I’m ambivalent about it.  I thought I would get in early with a canter counter-point.  Plus I needed something for the Ragtag Daily PromptFriend.  This could just work.



23 thoughts on “My Lovely Horse

  1. I’m ambivalent about the Melbourne Cup too. I used to enjoy watching it but the things that I’ve read about the horse racing industry, and greyhound racing for that matter have turned me away from it. I don’t watch it, celebrate it or bet on it anymore.

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  2. What an inspired show that was! I’m not a bit interested in the MC, such adulation of a race is a turnoff for me, and sometimes a horse has to be put down which I find distressing.


    1. I loved that show. And yes, very distressing. The horses’ best interests can’t be paramount when such big money is at stake. The industry must churn through a lot of horses to find those elite few that become the darlings of the racing world.


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