I’ve been inspecting photos for my forthcoming October Changing Seasons post.  What this has revealed is that October has been busy, busy, busy.  Aggghhh.  No wonder I am exhausted.  So I am giving you an off-the-shelf post today, My Mondrian Madness.  I love the gleam and sparkle of ceramic tiles.  They cannot be beaten for lustre.  Here it is.


Looks simple but every piece of tile is shaped by hand.  I’ve also made a yellow version.

Gotta run.

Kind Regards.

Response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt — Lustre.  If you are looking for blogging inspiration, click on the link and join the Ragtag Community.

39 thoughts on “Mondrian Madness

  1. Tracy, what a masterpiece you have created! I love the brilliant colors, and love that you shaped each tile by hand even more. Beautiful!


  2. It’s beautiful Tracy. I’m impressed (and not convinced at all by your “no talent” line).
    And you’ve reminded me I need to get myself sorted for The Changing Seasons. I’ll be away from Sunday so I’d better get a move on!!

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  3. Wonderful piece of art, Tracy! And you’re so right, ceramic is just so beautiful! And each of these handformed? My, that takes some patience! I’m about to form a chess set from clay, and it will be quite a task since the according pieces should be all the same height etc. Will see how it goes! 😁

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