This is my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt of Saturday, 21 July 2018 — Duck.

I’m very sad to say that for most of my children’s lives, we had neither the money, time or energy to go on holiday together.  Certainly, my husband and I rarely had holidays together as we took turns to take time off work to look after the children during the school holidays.  The lack of family holidays is one of my biggest regrets in life.  A few years ago, my husband and the boys went on a road trip around Victoria (Australia).  I stayed home (with flu), and sent my little ducklings off with their dad on a great adventure.

Much fun was had by the lads and there were many ‘firsts’ – like staying in a motel and having their breakfast delivered to their room.  These are experiences that turn boys into men.  Their trip was in the middle of Winter, so it was too chilly for swimming in the motel pool.  You can’t have everything I suppose.  However, the lads soon found that the pool was enticing for other reasons.


Elsewhere on the holiday, they encountered a tiger snake.  Yes, there was a photo to prove it.  The snake did not look happy.  I might have uttered a few choice words when the story was related to me, such as “For Duck Sake!  You have to be out of your ducking minds.”  All three of them were old enough to know better.  They survived.  That’s the main thing.  I’ll concede that the road trip was good for them.  I’m such a mother duck at times.

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23 thoughts on “Pool Party

  1. Love the photo of the proud mother duck and the little fluffies! And For Ducks Sake! is just awesome! Will use it from now on. 😉
    And don’t beat yourself up because of the trip making – I’ve had so many when I was small and I don’t remember them at all! My best trip makings were in my 20s and I guess your boys will have some splendid ones too then. 😊

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  2. Loved this! haha

    And, yes, it is my regret too as work and study equalled a tight budget. The first time I was able to afford a holiday with my children was for my son’s 21st! We spent a week in Japan and it made up for all the lost holidays!

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    1. That must have been such a wonderful holiday for you and your children. Fortunately, it is never too late to start. A number of years ago, my mother-in-law needed a companion for a trip to WA. So my husband went with her. She is no longer with us, so that time spent together was incredibly precious.

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  3. A tiger snake? I don’t know whether it’s luck or misfortune to come across one at that time of the year!
    I bet you created some great memories in other ways for your boys despite the lack of family holidays so you shouldn’t be regretful about it.

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  4. Family vacations are special, but the are also very expensive and often our of people’s reach. I wish there were more inexpensive options for those kinds of vacations so that everyone could enjoy them!

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  5. This reminded me of thr trips I did ad a duckling with my Dad. Mum stayed home to look after the animals and water the gardens. Many years later this little duckling took his mum on a trip to SE Asia as a thankyou.

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    1. I bet your mum loved that. My grown-up boys now look after the animals and plants while my husband and I do short trips. I, however, do not get to go on the orchid expeditions as “the tracks would be too hard for you, mum.” I was thankful for that when the lads went one day when the queen ants were flying. The whole area was covered in ants. Most of the time, I have to live vicariously through the photos they bring back. 🙂


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