The lovely Pauline from Living in Paradise has invited me to take part in a 3-day Quote Challenge.  She has invited me to do this because of my self-confessed untidy mind and interesting viewpoints.  I think this is code for being a renegade.  As I mentioned to Pauline when she invited me to take part, I can barely remember the days of the week let alone any meaningful quotes.  I don’t normally do challenges, but this is only three days, and well, how hard can it be to come up with one quote per day?  So, I am going to have fun trying – that is, remembering the days of the weeks, as well coming up with some quotes.  Thank you, Pauline, for including me.

But first a word on my sponsor.  Pauline has been blogging on and off since 2009, sharing her stories and photos of her grand tour around Australia.  For six years, she lived a gypsy life with her partner, Jack, and their campervan, Matilda.  Now she is living life to the fullest on Australia’s Gold Coast where she has settled “for good”, and she keeps us entertained and enthralled by her stories, photography, art, garden, and much more.  She loves a chat too, and is kind and thoughtful.  Check her lovely blog out here.

So without further ado, here is the first quote:

If you are patient…and wait long enough…Nothing will happen!” — Garfield

Garfield is a bit of a renegade too.  I guess that is why a lot of his quotes appeal to me.  Like Garfield, I have no patience, but the things that really make me hot under the collar may be a little different.  I dislike weasel words and the lack of progress made by successive governments in my country to cut carbon emissions and protect the environment.  I don’t put all the blame on governments, after all, we voted them in.  As power consumers, and consumers of energy-intensive products and services, we also have to get off our backsides and change our own behaviour and demand that industry does likewise.

Renewable energy not coal.
The beautiful RAMSAR-listed Coorong Salt Lakes in South Australia are dying.  There is not enough water to ensure adequate environmental flows given current water policy and agricultural practices (including some water stealing).  Photo by Dale Dumpleton
Ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures due to global warming are threatening Australia’s Great Barrier Reef  and tourism jobs.  Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef – photo courtesy of Oregon State University

Is there something you wished were different and could change?  If so, maybe Garfield’s words could guide you too.

Apparently I’m meant to invite 3 other bloggers each day to take part in the challenge, but I thought I might instead let you know of some great people with blogs that I think you should check out, if you haven’t done so already.  But I’ll do that tomorrow.  Today, maybe pop on over and have a look at Pauline’s blog.





17 thoughts on “The 3-Day Quote Challenge: #1

  1. I remember someone saying years ago that change would come from a grass roots level and it seems to me that ordinary people are doing more than the government does in this country. I’d like to say that progress is occurring with glacial slowness except that I think glaciers are moving pretty quickly these days.

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  2. I love this, I knew you would come in from the cold with a beauty. Dear old Garfield, so true… thank you for the lovely words you said about me. Your sponsor, I like that…

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  3. I´ve always been a great admirer of Garfield (and secretly believe we´re related because like him I could eat Lasagna everyday!! 😀 ) and I love this quote! And I think all governments have this “Ah, let´s just wait and see what happens”-attitude… 😦

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