WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  —  Unlikely

Unlikely as it is, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme of ‘Unlikely’ caused a little poem to pop into my head to accompany some pictures I had in mind for the challenge.  I hope you enjoy it.

Unlikely Ever To Say Die

How likely would it be for the cheeky spinebill to outwit me?
It hid and twittered in the shrubby tree, but I was not content to let it be;
I came ’round about, hoping and scheming to flush it right out.
Quick, your camera, my hubby said, there’s another one just ahead.
It cannot be said that I didn’t try, but my little camera chose that moment to die.
Ho-hum.  How likely is that?

Sad but true.  I was so close but alas no camera.
Here’s one my husband took earlier – Eastern Spinebill.

It is plain, there is no doubt, that little birds are hard to photograph.
Take the tree-creeper for a start, it whizzes ‘round trunk like a small go-cart;
Up, up, up it goes into the gloom, to the place where no lens zooms.
My little camera is no good, and still I thought it could, it should.
So what’s the chance it’ll capture the bird?  And be sharp, in focus, and not a blur?
Ho-hum, absolutely no chance at all.

White-Throated Tree-Creeper going up.

And still I thought, I should try again, with hubby’s camera, a bigger lens.
So I sought out my hubby and entreated him to help me out.
Jump in the car, come with me, there are still more birds we have to see.
We walked and walked and walked again, hoping to find our sweet little friend.
Then, we saw the family – three happy little tree-creepers in a tree.  How lucky were we.
And what are the chances that one would be still?  Chances are probably Buckley’s or nil.

White-Throated Tree-Creeper – they are never still but this one stayed still for a minute!

So, I said to my husband dear, just to make it perfectly clear  —
I need a new camera.  Nothing less than spectacular.
I want to snap landscapes, a macro or two; I want to shoot birds, take action shots too.
I trawled the internet looking for such a beast.  I googled my options.  Admitted defeat.
And yet, hope will not die.  Aussie Mother’s Day is nigh.  Never say never while I’m still alive.
Will I get lucky?  Care to hazard a guess?  Ho-hum, highly unlikely I have to confess.

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27 thoughts on “Unlikely Ever To Say Die

  1. I loved this silly poem (silly in the best sense) and all the birds.I was out yesterday with only my phone. I stood under two redtail hawks and thought, “Take their photo? Naw.” I just watched them. They were silhouetted against the sky anyway. Hope you get the fancy camera.

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    1. Thanks Martha. I won’t be getting the fancy camera, but that’s okay. But maybe eventually something less fancy. But which feature to compromise on is a difficult decision to make, and usually ends in the status quo. It is nice to enjoy the birds without trying to take their photo. I do that a lot.

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  2. Very clever,Tracy to make a poem out of unlikely! I’ve been trying to get a photo of a spinebill myself and know how difficult it is.

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  3. Well done with the beautiful clear photo of the tree creeper. I chuckled all the way through your delightful poem. Had the same problem with the wren in my unlikely post. Not the sharpest, but oh well, near enough is good enough sometimes

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    1. I confess I had to sharpen that photo up a bit, Pauline. My husband has a lovely camera, but it is not for me because all the photos on AF seem to be blurry. The camera wants to focus on anything but the bird. 😦 Hence, I’m looking for a camera that I can tell what I want it to focus on, but $$$$. Your little wren turned out well I thought.

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  4. Such a lovely poem! Really love the rythm and the suspense you’ve created! The birds are so beautiful and I know that moment well when the battery dies or the birds are too far to really catch them! Hope mother’s day will bring a new spectacular camera!!😄

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