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The delightful Pauline from Living in Paradise has invited me to take part in a 3-day Quote Challenge.  I am up to Day 2 (phew).  You can see my Day 1 quote post here.  Once again, thanks to Pauline for including me in this challenge.  I’m starting to get the hang of it (ie. having way too much fun).  So join me in a gastronomic celebration and share the love around.  Without further ado, here is the second quote:

“I’m hungry, therefore I am.”  –  Garfield


My youngest son has always been a huge Garfield fan.  When I was looking for a second quote, this one made me feel nostalgic for the time when my big boy was a young lad.  The Garfield quote was his motto.  Young growing boys eat a lot.  I also recalled another era – BC, or  before children – when my True Love and I were traveling around France, our lovers’ code for saying “I love you” was “j’ai faim“, meaning “I’m hungry”.  It was our play on words of the French phrase “je t’aime“, meaning “I love you”.  So for me, the above quote is another way of saying “I love you”.  Hence,

“I’m hungry, therefore j’ai faim.”

I immediately thought of the original quote, and its context of food is love, during the recent visit to Australia by French President, Emmanuel Macron.  In case you haven’t caught up on the news, President Macron charmed us Aussies when, speaking in English, he said to our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull,

“I want to thank you for your welcome — thank you, and your delicious wife.”

Ooh la la.  Is it possible that our Prime Minister’s wife, Lucy Turnbull, felt a little giddy after that comment?  President Macron’s faux pas came straight after he had expressed appreciation for the wonderful hospitality and (gourmet) food that he had received on the visit.  It has been suggested that the President continued to have this food on his mind, and then somehow became mixed-up.  However, the French word “délicieuse” can also be translated as “delightful”.  So the President’s intention may well have been to thank the Prime Minister’s delightful, not delicious, wife.  Whichever way you look at it, the error was a delightful one.


Too often politics is all about doom and gloom, so this delicious episode made a délicieuse change.  Lucy Turnbull was reported to be flattered and charmed by the comment.  I was charmed too.

The moral of this story is – if you are hungry for love or for food, try being délicieuse and charmant.

I’ll drink to that – French Bubbly of course.  Merci bien.

Instead of nominating other bloggers to participate in the challenge, I’m going to suggest other blogs, which j’ai faim.  You should definitely check them out, if you haven’t already:

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11 thoughts on “Gastronomes Celebrate – Quote #2

  1. I love your interpretation of the quotes you choose. Ah gay Pari’ I only spent one day there and have so longed to go back. Their new president is very “delicious” too. I smiled when I heard him say that to Lucy…. yes I know teenage boys and their appetites very well. If we went out for a meal, way back then, we always chose buffet, eat as much as you like, and oh boy, did they, totally embarrassed me with their piled high to over flowing plates… we are at a buffet place tonight, but on our own!!!

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  2. I love your play with words in this once, Tracy, especially since I´m learning French. 😉 And the Garfield quote is another perfect one! Much better than “Cogito ergo sum”! And thanks sooo much for the shout-out!!! You totally made my day with that! Wish you a great one! ❤

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