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I’ve just returned from five days in a perfect world, my National Folk Festival (Australia).  I want to write lots about it, and I will.  But in the meantime, here are a few photos that convey the daily prompt, ‘radiant’.

There is much merriment to be had at the Nash, but it is not soul-less.  It draws people together.  It is good, clean, uplifting fun.  There is also a lot of food at the Nash – you have to eat –  much of it is provided by a whole raft of hard-working small businesses who give real meaning to the phrase ‘made with love’.  I can tell you that it is eaten with love too.

Every year we look forward to buying chilli macadamias and caramelised nuts from Nutasha (Rhonda).  Even if we didn’t like nuts, we would probably still buy them.  Nutasha greets all her customers with “Hello Gorg” (that’s short for gorgeous, not gorge as in eating too much).  Who said money can’t buy happiness?  She attends three festivals a year (two in my town and one at the Mudgee Field Days).  Check her out at the festivals or at her shop in the QVB (Sydney) the rest of the year.

With Nutasha from Nutorious

We also sniffed out Eddie, who was new to the Nash this year.  My love and I live our life by the saying, ‘You have to stop and eat the roses’ (as you can tell from my photo above).  It may be thirty years since we visited France, but we still yearn for les Saucisson d’Arles that we bought from the markets at Avignon.  Then, we found Eddie!  At the Nash!!  Can you believe it!!!  Every day of the Nash, we visited his stall to stock up.  I think I bought enough saucisson to last us about six months (okay, maybe only three months).  Eddie also let me practice my high-school French on him.  Ooh la la.  On Friday, I was accompanied to the festival by my French-speaking friend.  She and Eddie were parleying the français, when Eddie asked her whether she spoke English!  Absolutely, hilarious.

Eddie from Saucisson Australia

My true love is not a great festival-goer, but he can’t resist the food.

Yiannos Catering

Or real root beer (non-alcoholic).  I reckon he had fun (despite eating being a serious business).

root beer.jpg
From Wins Creek Meadery

sheepbeanieSometimes I take myself a little too seriously.  Don’t we all?  So to remind myself to smile, I like to wear a silly hat every now and then.  And I found the perfect one.  Apologies to my friends who advised me not to post a photo of the offending item, lest people get the impression that I am not a ‘serious’ blogger.

And finally, try as you might, you can run, but not hide, from the joy of the Morris dancer.  You just can’t keep a good Morris dancer down.  I’ve never seen so many radiant smiles in my entire life.


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33 thoughts on “Beam Me Up Folkie

  1. I enjoyed reading this Tracy, and will have to look out for your nutty friend at the Mudgee Field Days. I rather like the idea of being called Gorg!

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    1. The food was divine, Pauline. I had to pace myself on the lentil dishes though. 🙂

      I didn’t recite my Sounds of Zen, but I did recite the Word-forgetting Blues one, and did the environmental one at a workshop. The environment one was an audience favourite. Not surprising, given the demographic. 🙂 Still it was nerve-wracking so I’m glad I got through it. A big tick for the bucket list.

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      1. Yep, they’re there. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them, Pauline. One is called The Word-Forgetting Blues, the other is No Patience for your Same-Old Excuses.

        I decided my (draft) bush poem was not ready for performance. I’m currently trying to get the rhyme and meter flowing a bit better. It is really hard!

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      1. No worries! You are certainly not alone in the senility department, believe me! I will like your next post; enjoy them all. You have a good way with words and I enjoy your lovely sense of humour. Inspiring, as I try to settle down and get writing the next post! I must have a rummage round and see if I can find the WordPress daily word theme thing; such a newbie at all of this….all the best!

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