During the week about a dozen yellow-tailed black cockatoos visited our park. They were having a field day, chewing on branches and pulling out borers. My True Love snapped these photos. One of the young ones got caught up in a branch that it was chewing and it tumbled to the ground when the branch finally gave way. The youngster was unfazed by this. Check ’em out.

Take care, everyone, and carry on.

Kind Regards.

40 thoughts on “Having A Field Day

      1. It’s migratonal I think. They follow the food trees. The love Casuarina Tree nuts and ripping my wattles apart for grubs. At least once a year. See lots flying about though. Biggest flock was about twenty. Now that’s noise when they fly over!

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  1. Wonderful photo and also to actually see these cockatoos.

    I saw what I thought was a sheet of black plastic in a high tree in the nature reserve behind my building. Took a very bad photo and when I zoomed in at home and saw the yellow cheek colour, I discovered it was a Yellow-tailed black cockatoo. They’re not supposed to come this far south at all.

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