Kind of busy, kind of wet here, ladies and gentlemen. A couple of weeks ago I visited one of Canberra’s wetlands, which is pretty much everywhere here these days. I’d been told that there were plenty of brown snakes in that area and to watch my step, a bit hard to do when there are so many other things to look at. Anyway, I went into one of the bird hides and all of sudden there was this almighty racket outside. I raced outside expecting to see a snake snacking on a nest of baby birds.

But I neither saw or heard anything unusual. How strange. So I went back into the bird hide and all hell broke loose. There were swallows squawking and flying up to my face. It was then that I realised that I was the snake.

They gave me the evil eye.

And plotted their next move under cover of darkness.

Great gobs agape.

Until I slithered silently away.

Gruesome. Not a creature stirred on this wet and windy Halloween night.

This is also my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Flights of Fantasy.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

47 thoughts on “You’re Gruesome

  1. I prefer to not be the sterotypical ‘snake’ label either – but, when visiting a place I never have OR infrequently do? the chatter that goes dead quiet, once I finally ‘arrive on the final perimeter’ of protected ‘home space’ – doesn’t ALWAYS mean, I, too, need look for snakes, carnivores on the hunt, hidden, stalking predators – it might just mean – I’m the one for which early alarms then ‘okay – shh- we are safe now! Be very, very quiet until this intruder moves on…” operations were embarked upon –

    It’s humbling to realize when you fear/look all around for the threat posed to find out – “Oh – um – it was ME!” in the language of others – 😀

    and yet, it’s a lesson learned I tried hard, after the lightbulb/enlightenment first showed up for me – to not forget –

    But, sometimes? I chafe at how long it takes me to learn the language and give ‘others’ my warning signals – took forever for me and the local gartner snakes (which I WANT for garden/ecosystem health) and the local feral cats (for rodent control) etc., to learn each other’s presence/lingo and for me to give everyone ample time to know who I am and what sounds announce, “I’m out working in the landscape today – run for cover from me/my tools – no sense in either of us stressing each other out!” by surprise or false warnings done -”


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      1. Well, I have INTENTS to go gently – but alas, I often fail in two-legged/human world, on various fronts – Mother Nature world? I just seem to be naturally built to ‘get that’ more quickly, even if I don’t know why/how – humans? Ah – I mess that up, all the durn time – even with no malicious or scary intent imagined or thought of – sigh – working on two-legged lingo/language world – R – Me – LOL

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  2. Dear little swallows, and great photos. I’m always surprised how many of them squeeze into those somewhat inadequate nests.
    A visit to our wetlands a couple of years ago brought us face to face with a very large brown snake. It took me several days to recover from the fright!

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