I just happened to have a couple of motion shots that I haven’t published and one that I have. Only three photos, so I thought I would slip in a poem or three. Enjoy.

Strong is mother’s instinct to provide.
Strong is the instinct to survive.
Run along, hungry bird.
Run to mummy.

Showers came in repeated waves
in front of frigid wind.
On the pinnacle, leaves jostled
for attention, but no one saw or heard.

The air shimmers with your power.
The future is green energy.
It won’t hurt you.

Patti, who is back from her holiday, is hosting the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week. The theme for the challenge is Motion. Click on the link here to view Patti’s wonderfully creative photos and to discover how other Lens Artists have interpreted this theme.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

Quick question. Is it acceptable to mix my tenses as I did in that second poem? Okay, I fixed it because it bothered me but it lacks something now. It will do.

39 thoughts on “Lens Artists – Motion

  1. Young Master Magpie looks as though he’s giving somebody holy heck. I particularly like the second poem. It’s appropriate to mix tenses in a poem as long as the logic of when in time an event takes place is clear and makes sense in the context of the poem.

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  2. I’m glad the poets gave you the OK, Tracy. It all read fine to me. The bird photos are wonderful! I love that little squawker in the first photo. I can almost hear his sounds in my head. But the last photo–I love birds in flight. And this you can actually feel the flight! Such great motion.

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  3. LOL Tracy, your first image reminded me of that online game Angry Bird (which I’ve never played but it’s very popular here). Loved your poetry in all 3 cases and am not happy you changed the middle one! Fun post for the week!

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    1. Thanks, Mitzi. We had a former PM who, upon bringing a lump of coal into parliament, declared something like “It’s coal. Don’t be scared.” So my poem was a crude and cryptic attempt to turn around that notion. I was being a little cheeky and leaving everyone completely mystified in the process. Plus the parrots were green and the power lines ,,,


  4. Hi, Tracy. I love the moodiness in your second shot and the subtle movement of the branches and bushes. Lovely! Your birds in motion really do convey action. As for the poem, usually people put it all in the past or all in the present. Either would work here. I think you’re right about not mixing the tenses.

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  5. Have I told you how much I enjoy your poem-image pairings? Almost as much as I enjoy your Friday songs!!!!

    Seriously though, I particularly love the synergy of the 2nd pair (I am really curious now about the original mixed tenses). Each on their own are quite rather wonderful, but together, it really makes me do a double take and go back again and again for another look.

    And that 3rd pair – it really moves this greenie heart of mine. So clever and beautifully rendered together.


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