Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a really shit week. I accidentally got my Covid booster shot during the week. I had a doctor’s appointment late one afternoon and they had vaccine doses left over so they offered me one and I accepted. Gee, the fizzer shot raises your blood glucose level, doesn’t it? My BG has been all over the shop. The day after my shot, I was high all day so I decided to walk that blood sugar down. I felt really good when I started out. That should have been a warning sign. With the pump cannula in my leg (I know, stupid), the intramuscular insulin and exercise slammed me down pretty fast. I started to stagger when I reached my street on my way home. I don’t know why I didn’t stop to drink my Lucozade when I felt the hypo symptoms. Too far gone and too stupid, I guess. But I only had a few hundred metres to go, so I pushed on. I made it to our bin when my legs started to collapse under me. I then somehow made it to the front steps. I don’t know how long I was outside, clutching on to the railing, but by the time I was discovered, I was covered in mosquito bites. I remember whispering, “Help me. Help me.” Very pathetic. My True Love has a sixth sense about these things and he found me on the stairs.

My hypo awareness is not so good after a big hypo. I had a smaller hypo today but I still needed help. Fortunately, my True Love was working from home, but that will change from next Monday. He and other federal public servants have been directed to return to the office full-time. And, in my opinion, for the flimsiest of reasons – community expectations (by that, do they mean the Property Council?) and because the quality of policy advice is apparently better when people are in the office together to come up with a likely story work through issues. Well, sure. I guess you could apply the same quality measure to those consultancy reports that the Government are so fond of. If a public servant can’t outline the productivity gains from working from home, then that public servant must return to the office. Simply doing one’s job is not good enough apparently.

I know my True Love doesn’t get paid to stay home and look after me, but his caring responsibilities take a mere few minutes of his working day. It means the world to me. Too bad, so sad. That is not the Australian Government’s problem. A little bit of compassion, flexibility and consultation with staff goes a long way. Again, that’s my opinion.

I think we need a song to conclude this woe-is-me saga. Today my pick is Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman singing Stumblin’ In. Enjoy.

Remember that not everyone who staggers down the street is a stupid drunk. They may just be stupidly hypo. I’ll be back to normal in a few days. Take care, everyone.

Bring on the election and subsidised continuous glucose monitoring!

Kind Regards.

Information For Readers
Tracy has had Type 1 diabetes for nearly 50 years. Next year, if she makes it that far, will be the big 50 year Diaversary. It would be nice if the Australian Government could partially subsidise Continuous Glucose Monitoring for adults with Type 1 diabetes. It is not as though we grow out of this damn disease.

30 thoughts on “We Shall Decide When You Shall Return To The Office

  1. I’m so sorry you had a shit week, Tracy, but relieved that you’re feeling better. I agree with you about the office unreasonableness. We went through the same nonsense when I bailed out of my job.

    I hadn’t heard “Stumblin’ In” in years. 1978 sure was a long time ago.

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    1. Thanks, Liz. I am sure if the government consulted with staff, there would be many more than willing to go back into the office, but they seem to like to be as obnoxious as possible.. Even my True Live is keen to go in a couple of days of week. Can’t blame him for wanting time out. Carers get diabetes burnout too.

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  2. Oh Tracy, sending heartfelt good wishes all the way from England. It’s nearly the weekend so your True Love will be at your disposal once more. Have a gentle Saturday and Sunday.

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  3. Good gosh, Tracy–I’m so glad you’re OK. That is such BS about having to return to the office. I think that rule was made by a bunch of micromanagers who cannot manage from afar–and resent it. Take care of yourself.

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  4. People going back to the office gives the illusion of things going back to normal. Our pre pandemic normal anyway. I hated WFH so I was glad to go back. But I understand why so many enjoy if, there are lots of perks.

    I hope you are feeling better.

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  5. So sorry to hear that you had a bad week. It does seem stupid to insist on staff going back to the office three weeks before Christmas. Most politicians are finishing up for the year and they never think that looks bad. I can’t wait for the election either when we can hopefully vote for people who want real improvements not just the appearance of it.

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    1. Yeah the timing is odd, Vanda, especially as people were already transitioning back to the office. It seems to be a ra-ra moment. Hey, remember us. We are on the side of business. It is very difficult for businesses in those government buildings, but why not encourage staff to come back rather than order them?
      It will be an interesting election…

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  6. Aw, Tracy, sorry you had a week. I can understand in my small way. Glad you’re okay now. Had my first vax (long story, took forever, gotta love govts, eh?) this week and was not expecting the adverse reactions. Scary!

    Anyways, take it easy, dear! xo

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      1. Wow. That’s entirely too long. UGH.

        I wasn’t expecting any problems because no one seemed to be talking about that. It was always the 2nd one. But now I’m prepared. And hopefully it won’t be as bad. xoxo


  7. I’m sorry you had such a tough week, and such a reaction to the booster shot. And I will never understand why administrators don’t realize that being flexible and caring with their staff actually results in better employees who get more work done……

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  8. I’m listening to your featured song (it’s been a while since I’ve listened to it), and mulling over your week. I can only imagine what helplessness and distress you must have felt, waiting on your front steps for help to arrive. Thank goodness for True Love.

    Thank you for the energy you mustered to write about this, and for the generosity in sharing this traumatic experience. Sending you a big hug and lots of positive energy for complete recovery.

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  9. I hope you’re feeling better now. Please listen to your body from now on and do what’s necessary to balance it out when you need to. I’m hypoglycemic and never walk without a Chia Seed Bar in my pocket. When an episode hits, it gets me home. Take care.

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