Each month, Jude hosts a colour challenge, Life in Colour. The colour for November is black and/or grey. This is definitely my last contribution to this month’s colour challenge.

What Next?

On the lookout for smoke tendrils in the sky,
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike surveys the scene.
Each year lurching from one extreme to another,
What are we to make of the constant vacillation?

Grey expectations –
Hoping for a break in the weather.

There has been yet more flooding in parts of Australia. The rain would have been welcome had it come after harvest. British Columbia (Canada) has also been experiencing serious flooding this week. Please take care if you live in a flood affected area.

Kind Regards.

33 thoughts on “Grey Expectations

  1. I think these two lines encapsulate everything about life in the 21st-century:

    “Each year lurching from one extreme to another,
    What are we to make of the constant vacillation?”

    I love that last photo. The composition, the subtle colors, perfect!

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  2. Beautiful words, beautiful birds. I hadn’t heard about the flooding in Australia or Canada. Seems the weather this year is continuing to throw a curveball. Thanks for the link Tracy. Much appreciated xx

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  3. I saw a blackfaced cuckoo shrike for the first time in our yard last week. And (same day) two tiny wren-sized birds of olive green with yellow around their eyes flitting in the apricot trees. We also have willy wagtails for the first time this year. Today on our walk, the dog and I saw a parliament of cockies (perhaps 15?) in a front yard presided over by King Pin up on a Sulo Bin. They were arguing as often happens when parliament is sitting.


    1. Oh that is nice to have the joy brought to your yard. It is a special treat to get a BFCS (pronounced boofkus) visit. I was quite insistent that my TL get a nice snap of the BFCS but as it happened it landed very close to me. 😊
      A little olive bird? A silvereye is the first thing that comes to mind. But it could have been a weebill perhaps?

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      1. Hmm. I think to say the small green bird was wren sized might have been wrong. I just looked at silvereyes and weebills but neither looked right. These little birds were less round… longer in the body. And their tails continued in a downward line from their backs. And they were a darker, more consistent green.

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  4. The black-faced cuckooshrike is a beautiful bird!

    Best wishes to everyone suffering due to flooding at the moment. Seems those fluctuations between extremes that you mention, Tracy, is becoming the norm these days.

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  5. Extreme weather conditions don’t take a break. 😦

    I love the image of the years “lurching”. And I really don’t know what to make of “constant vacillation”. I can only sigh.

    What are those beautiful birds with the pink necks?


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