Welcome to another Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

It’s been a newsie week which leaves me with many options for this week’s Friday song. We had the sudden announcement of the Aussie government’s cancellation of its French sub contract, and instead the government will purchase you-beaut US nuclear-powered subs. Oh wait, the French have nuclear-powered subs but we didn’t want nuclear subs at the time. Did we even give the French a chance to bid for the new contract? Maybe not. Consequently, and apologies to the French, ABBA’s Waterloo and Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice, immediately popped into my head!

Then, we learnt a government minister had accepted a donation from a blind trust to help with some personal legal costs. In the best example of outsourcing I’ve seen in quite some time, the PM referred the matter to his department for advice on whether the minister had breached the ministerial code of conduct. This allowed just enough time for said minister to resign from the ministry (not the parliament) and keep the money. Can you believe that it is apparently legal for MPs, in their private capacity, to accept anonymous donations so long as they publicly declare the donation? I immediately thought of ACDC’s song, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. This is not to imply that any dirty deeds (past, current or future) were done in exchange for this gift, but so much for transparency and good governance! I hope the Aussie parliament moves quickly to ban such donations.

Finally, the Australian state of Victoria (which this week has been beset by enraged protestors high on testosterone, entitlement and covid) was shaken by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake. Fortunately no one was killed by the earthquake. Apparently, some Canberra residents felt the earth move too. I wasn’t one of them. So, I immediately thought of Peaches and Herb’s, Shake Your Groove Thing.

The choice of this week’s song was difficult for me, so I outsourced the decision to my canary, Pan of the wild music.

I saw Pan trembling on his perch. At first I thought he was feeling an aftershock but then he burst into glorious accompaniment, so there could only be one choice. Good bird. Shake your groove thing. You know you want to.

Stay safe, ladies and gentlemen.

Kind Regards.

28 thoughts on “Shake It

  1. Whoa, how long has it been since I’ve heard “Shake Your Groove Thing”? Disco sure seems like a long time ago. (My daughter just came in the room and said, “What are you DOING, Mom?” Now she knows . . . )

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      1. Is that so? You’re probably right but I don’t understand it. I thought a government teetering on losing its majority would be held more stringently to account. I would have put it down to the fact that the Murdoch Press support the Liberals and therefore there is less pressure. Also the ABC is hamstrung because of continual funding cuts and accusations of biased reporting. But I am very biased in my view anyway.

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  2. A drama a day. Almost. Is there to be no end to it? I read through your post wondering what on earth you’d choose today and was very surprised! It’s upbeat and happy….just what we need.

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  3. I am bopping as I write this response – haven’t listened to Peaches & Herb for ages … such fun! and the memories! And Pan – soooooo adorable!

    Nothing good in the news in our corner of the world either … sigh. So we will just Shake It!!!!

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      1. I’m afraid the numbers are very alarming, Tracy! But I’ve been told it’s because we have adopted an endemic model to cope with the crisis now. I’m not sure how it works exactly so we are just doing what we’ve been doing, which is to self-isolate for the most part.

        Enjoy the dancing & walking this week!

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