There is nothing like the Lens Artist Photo Challenge to make me feel all philosophical. This week’s theme is It’s A Wonderful World. I have decided to focus on water because water is awesome. It’s essential to our being. Earth is the only terrestrial planet in our solar system that has liquid water at its surface.

Apart from Antarctica, Australia is the continent with the least rainfall. At the first hint of rain at the end of the recent horror drought in south-eastern Australia, swarms of flies emerged to drink from the puddles in still dry dams. How awesome is that?

A bee too quenched its thirst on the muddy shore.

And a spider, sensing a meal, walked on water.

This feat had something to do with surface tension – water molecules can bind together – and hairy feet that generate an opposing electrical current. But don’t quote me on that.

The dam now.

Water has been key to the evolution of the planet and all life on it. Our watery world birthed us. Our bodies came from water and are made of water (among other things). How awesome is that?

Water flows in our veins, oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers, and together with other minerals, forms part of the mantle and crust of the planet. Water is the molecule that houses us and the fluid that transports essential supplies to sustain all living beings.

The Womb. The GREAT MOTHER. The jewel in the crown. This place. Our world.

See, I got carried away. And so should you.

Kind Regards.

58 thoughts on “A Water Birth

  1. Goodness, Tracy–you did get carried away, in such a good way, too. Something we take for granted way too much. First thing we are told for hurricane prep: Stock up on water. Fill your bathtub. We learned that the hard way, many years ago. This would work for today’s RDP, also.

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      1. We had never lost water power except for that one time many years ago. Thankfully, next door neighbor had a built-in swimming pool, so we were able to carry buckets into the house to flush the commodes. That was the scary part.

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  2. Tracy, I’m so glad I read this just after I woke. What an inspirational way to engage with the world. Your words and photos ran chills of wonderment through my body. I’m going to read this again – and again. I’m going to sup on these images. Thank you, thank you. Water. Life. Hope. Future.

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    1. It wasn’t actually a water birth, Sharon. I was stretching the amniotic fluid analogy there. It was a C-section. That head wasn’t going to come out any other way. That was my first born. For some reason it seemed important to include that old photo that I had forgotten about.

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  3. A remarkable post, Tracy! All living things on earth need water to survival, well said. Hope more rain coming to Australia. Great message and photos. The newborn baby, Wow…

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  4. Love your contemplation on this very important resource and landscape – the images are stunning, as are your reflections. And as always, your humour: “I got carried away”.

    The insect captures are amazing, Tracy! I am so taken by them.

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