I’ve lost my photography and blogging mojo, ladies and gentlemen. This is unfortunate because I do enjoy participating in the Lens-Artists weekly photo challenges. This week’s theme is Spots and Dots. I thought if I could just manage two photos – one I took yesterday and one from the archives – then I could ease myself back into it. Also, I swapped my computer mouse over to my other hand to see if that might bring some relief from the recurring muscle pain. That’s another story but it hurts to do computer stuff. Other stuff too. Ah, the joys of getting old and creaky.

I’ve gone for arty farty with my first photo. It is a common household product to which I’ve applied a couple of creative filters. Can you guess what it is?

The second photo was taken by my True Love last year. You can’t have a photo challenge on spots without including an Aussie Spotted Pardalote. Ta da.

Now that wasn’t so bad. Time to go stretch.

Take care, everyone. See you round (groan).

Kind Regards.

PS. Did you guess right? The arty farty one is a piece of bubble wrap. Too easy.

38 thoughts on “Seeing Spots

  1. I’m in love with the pardalote! What a beautiful little thing! If this is what you treat us with when you have no mojo you are going to blow our minds when you find it again, Tracy.
    Take it easy and look after yourself.

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  2. Welcome back Tracy – even if abbreviated! I had no idea what your first image was and that it was bubble wrap was a total surprise. Once I knew then of course it was perfectly obvious – DUH! I share your creakiness but fortunately my hands don’t bother me so computer stuff is a fine. Here on our island many of our friends are of similar “vintage” and those with severe arthritis, especially in the hands, swear by CBD oil. Have you tried it?

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      1. I tried to get on some sort of program to control my seizure but no. There is a farm near my besties that produce oil and the woman only has 8 months of her community service to go from a 2 year sentence for making and distributing the oil


  3. Ah Tracy, sure hope your mojo is just on vacation, in fact I am sure it is. You got me with the bubble wrap. I was thinking something from the kitchen, perhaps the bottom of the drain stopper.

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  4. A dish-scrubbing-brush? Oh, I see you’ve given us the answer – you shouldn’t have! Yes, I’ve lost my mojo too – though in my case because my camera is in for repair. But also, life seems to be too much trouble at the moment … A great second shot … but then it isn’t yours …

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  5. You’ve got me totally puzzled on that first image. Are you sure you didn’t do a bit of creative photo-shopping, Tracy?

    Nice shot of the Pardolote.

    I’d be going for a shot of my local Spotted Turtle-doves for that challenge to share. I got a sighting of both Superb Fairy-wren and a Silvereye on my Japanese Maple the other day, but by the time I got the long lens out of its ‘sleeping’ pouch, I only captured a very blurred shot and a back end shot. It’s so long since I’ve seen these tiny birds, although I’ve heard the Fairy Wren’s call occasionally.

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    1. Oops, my bad, Vicki. Yes, I used Photoshop. My misunderstanding of what you call the various editing tools in there.

      I don’t get to see Spotted Turtledoves here, Vicki, so I look forward to when you can finally catch up with some. They move fast those fairywrens and silvereyes. I love the calls of the silvereyes. They sound like tiny horse neighing. I am going to write a poem about it when I can spend time at the computer again.


  6. Wow, Tracy, I love the inventive play with the bubble wrap photo – I didn’t guess, I relied on the reveal at the bottom of your post. And I wasn’t close before I saw that – I thought it might be splatter from something like dry cleanser. The pardalote photo is gorgeous – a magnificent image of a magnificent bird, two birds in the hand, so to speak. We don’t have these little beauties in the US.
    So very sorry for the terrible pain in your hand. Here’s hoping that darn pain subsides. (Substitute any stronger word for “darn.”)

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    1. Thanks Sharon. It was fun sharing that brain teaser and the little bird photo. Not much happening around here at the moment and it amuses me to make digital art from common products.
      Don’t worry about “darn”. It gets a lot worse here, although I am finally learning some manners from my international visitors.
      Hey, how did The Braid performance go?

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      1. It was outstanding. The actor who performed my story (via Zoom in a reader’s theater format) did it perfectly. He grasped the essence I wanted to convey and contributed his own sensibility to the story, speaking the most important section perfectly. The other nine stories in the show were also exceptional. I laughed through some, cried at other moments, and was deeply touched by all of them. I was invited to participate in the Q and A at the end and managed not to sound like an idiot. My son sent a spectacular tropical bouquet in honor of “Hawaiian Songbird.” Such a wonderful reception from so many people. Two more shows this week that my other son and many friends will attend. Thank you for asking.

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  7. I’m struggling with Mojo too. Maybe like autumn leaves, it has just swirled off for a time and lies brown, crispy and somehow romantic ready for some enthusiastic raker to scoop it back into the wheelbarrow of our thoughts. I LOVE the pardalote photo. They are the most delightful little creatures, aren’t they? I hope something can be done for your sore hands. No fun, I imagine. I didn’t get the bubble wrap. 😀 But what a fun quiz to begin.

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    1. Wheelbarrow of our thoughts is such lovely imagery and so apt. You are still in recovery so mojo has had the crap scared out of it. I prescribe tele for you. We are currently watching The Mitchells V. The Machines. It’s fun.
      The pardalotes are delightful. I’m always thrilled to see them. Glad you liked the quiz. I was hoping it would be a good substitute for my lack of inspiration. 😊


  8. I didn’t guess bubble wrap either. (All I could see was corona virus, so the image was a Rorschach test of sorts.) The Pardalote is a very striking bird. I do enjoy being introduced to birds from your part of the world.

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  9. I think a lot of us are struggling with our mojo, a very wet May here hasn’t helped 😬 and I can empathise with the joint issues. I use a mouse gel pad for my wrist, which helps, but I do have to limit my time on the computer. Good shot and edit of the bubble wrap, it was obvious once I read the answer 😅

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