A poem and photo.

Something About You

Are you all that is left of the day?
Does the lake your spirit hold?
Is this vast earth a worthy home?
Do you count for anything?
Is this your time, your place, to soar?

Will the dew fall upon your feathered nest?
And in darkest night,
will the purple swamphen stand her ground?
Protect you from all predators –
The fox, the hound and water rat?

Will the sky bloom another day for you?
Send you from your reedy bed
to greet the pearly winter morn?
Today, tomorrow and hereafter?

There’s really no more to tell.

Kind Regards.

21 thoughts on “Chick Lit

  1. Your poem is touching and sensitive. It speaks not just of the little chick but of all things vulnerable and struggling to survive. In this time when life seems perilous and precious, that could be any of us.

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