Winter in the nation’s capital (Canberra, Australia) — A little chilly, sometimes grey, a few warming rays in the afternoon. The virus? An ominous breakout in one state to the south jerks people out of complacency. Canberra is virus-free for the moment. We wait. We take photos of birds. It keeps us sane.

The re-opening of cafes and workplaces, as well as the chill in the air, sees fewer people out on the streets. We avoid the shops and cafes, sticking to our virus plan of solitude.

Quiet moments. Solitary pursuits.

Where golden brown makes mockery of winter grey;
shimmering waterfall of flaxen light.

Grey days scatter bright yellow to pale.

Where silver strands in steely blue
meld with a shiver in the air;
snow falls at higher altitudes.

This is my response to The Changing Seasons – June 2020 photo challenge hosted by the lovely Su at Zimmerbitch.  I am cutting my month prematurely short as I have had enough. In an effort to maximise my quiet moments, I am also combining this challenge with the Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge – A Quiet Moment, as well as my Friday Song Day. I bet you can guess the song I’ve chosen. Here is a clue below.

Did you guess right?

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay kind.

Kind Regards.

Information on the photos:
The wren, weebill, yellow-rumped thornbill and darter drying off on the log, are my True Love’s photos. The rest of the photos are my own.

89 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – June 2020

  1. You and your True Love have definitely captured the beauty of your winter season. Please stick with your plan of solitude. People in the US haven’t been, and the virus is raging across the South and the West.

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    1. Thank you, Liz. We are doing our best to stick to the plan but it is about to unravel. Our lad has a job. It will mean travelling in a car with others on field trips. This should be okay provided everyone is extra careful in their private lives. Of course, the job is casual and episodic so there is no financial security so he cannot move out.

      The situation in the US and other countries is mind-boggling. I understand that people have to work to survive, but cheek to bowl in clubs, restaurants and beaches seems exceedingly reckless. There are plenty of those instances here too and now the virus spread is escalating.

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    1. Thank you, Pauline. The restrictions were eased too soon it seems. I have spoken to many people who haven’t understood that social distancing still applies so it is unsurprising this has occurred. The PM’s hubris about our capacity to keep this under control is once more on show.


      1. I know it is a compliment…you called me a clever chook earlier too! 😉
        What little I saw of Australia five years back (only five days!) was so beautiful…I wonder when I will get a chance to visit again.


  2. This is fabulous, Tracy. Your shots of the birds are wonderful! The light, the coloration, the perspective. Wonderful quiet moments in nature. I hope your numbers stay low. Fingers crossed.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Patti, and thanks for the challenge. There is a huge effort underway to trace everyone exposed in this latest virus outbreak to bring the situation under control. I suspect we are in for a bit of rough patch so quiet moments are becoming my new normal. Fingers crossed too that you and your other readers ride the wave and stay well.


  3. Really stunning photos. I don’t know how you capture birds! Love the mood and colors, and completely understand cutting the month short. I’m already ready for July, new energy and hopefully forward movement. xo

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    1. Thank you, Lani. The little birds are rather difficult to photograph. I mostly fail miserably with those. My husband does seem to have the knack thankfully.
      Let’s hope July is calmer. Our covid cases have taken off unfortunately. So we are in for a rocky patch. I looked back st my photos from last year and am shocked by how timid I’ve become. I must fix that.

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      1. Folks have been talking about a second wave, but Thailand never really had a first wave, if the numbers are to be believed. I hope things get better for Australia soon. God, haven’t we all been through enough?

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  4. Lovely photographs, Tracy and I smiled at your comment that taking photos of birds keeps you sane. Nature has a leveling effect on our minds, I think. I also enjoyed your forest photos and the thought of a cold winter in Canberra. I am a bit of a winter person, even though I live in Queensland.

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      1. Yes we do have seasons but the spring and Autumn are as short as the summers in Scandinavia sometimes. It is a bit more like dry and wet though, instead of summer and winter – as you probably know. Even if we don’t get rain, the air is full of moisture in summer. Very oppressive. Have you always lived in Canberra?

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      2. Mostly always lived in Canberra but am a Queenslander by birth. My mother lives near Gladstone. It is damn hot there. It is my year to visit her, but I probably won’t this year. She was going to visit us at Christmas time but the drought meant risk of bush fires was too extreme. Lucky she didn’t visit as we were just holed up indoors due to smoke.

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      3. Being stuck indoors with a smokey atmosphere outside must not have been fun at all. I do hope this year is better for you, although we don’t know what will happen with the pandemic situation in Oct/Nov. We are in a better position that other countries and Victoria, at least.

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      4. Washing hands is so simple and so effective. There are so many germs that are transmitted hand to mouth, or through coughs and sneezes. I hope that this year’s flu season will be quite mild because of all the large events that are cancelled and the emphasis on hand hygiene.

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      5. Oh really. More reasons for me to reduce any excessive or needless trips. It won’t be long before it reaches here now that the borders are re-opening. Usually we have the Ekka in August and the awful westerly winds spread the flu around. As the show is cancelled for this year, perhaps it won’t spread so far or fast.

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  5. Aww, Tracy – your photos always calm my soul and heart from the hectic city life: thank you for that! ❤ Love all photos and can imagine how difficult it is to catch the tiny birds. They are so precious and I’m so glad your TL has a knack for catching them with the camera. Part of me thinks winter around here would help keep people more inside and less willing to go out and party but our virologists keep pointing out that it’s more likely that we get a 2nd wave in autumn. It’s not easy to enjoy summer in the city when you try to keep your distance from other people as the parks and lakes are crowded. 😯

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      1. I’ve been thinking about that, Tracy, it seems the right thing to do. But then our winters are so cold and depressive, it’s kind of necessary to catch up on sunlight and warm weather while you can around here. But I’ll give my best to keep my distance from the others!

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