For the Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge — Delicate Colours.

Delicate Balance

I cannot reconcile
the good with the bad
the strong with the weak
the soft with the hard
the rich with the poor
the young with the old
the delicate with the unbreakable
the dark with the light
the merciful with the merciless
or the start with the finish.
I just can’t.  So I will wait —
small, lost — in your delicate folds.
Until the colour fades away.







Kind Regards.

59 thoughts on “Delicate Balance

  1. Wonderful post, Tracy. Loved words and photos, and the poem is really beautifully written. All delicate, soft and sits in my mind for quite a while.

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  2. Tracy, that was a lovely poem, and those photos had the wow factor. Especially the hydrangea. The blues are so gorgeous, and they remind me of my Nana’s place. I too, have grown them.

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  3. Although delicate the colours are beautiful and I love your poem and photos, and especially your first photo with the ant and bluey/greeny colours – unusual and very striking! Awesome.


  4. Hear hear!
    Thank you for sharing your heart-wrenching poem and soothing captures. I will continue to think on them for the rest of the evening as I watch the storm clouds roll in from the distance.

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