17 thoughts on “Friday Song Day

  1. That is a very sad song. I have not heard it before but the perils of ‘’smoke jumpers’’ are well know. Some “ Smoke Jumpers” parachute into inaccessible fires and hope they do not land in a tree or directly on a hot spot. The bravery oh the bravery!

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      1. So pleased that the Wollemi pines were saved. What a national treasure. smokejumpers.ca is the Canadian site that describes the types of planes flown and types of equipment carried both fire suppression and emergency medical equipment for rescues. It is vital for fire and rescue in the mountainous Western Canada region much of it inaccessible by road. Have you watched YouTube videos of a four engined water bomber skimming a lake at a near stall speeds picking up thousands of litres of lake water to dump on a fire? Breathtaking!

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