January 2020 — Not your average month.  In aridity, smoke and fire, we excel.

Watering park trees.

watering park trees

Wish someone would water me.

This poor maple tree is thirsty and hot.  So is this poor currawong.

Dry as a bone.

Dead kangaroo.

44c degrees in the shade.  No sooner is the water topped up, it’s gone.

shady magpies

You look at me as if to say, “Do something.”


stressed magpie

Beekeepers complain that no one is watering their gardens.
Something MUST be done.
A small fountain for bathing and drinking, pools water on repellent ground.

cooling down

From afar the smoke rolls in.

air quality
Canberra, we have a breathing problem.  If air quality deteriorates, the arboretum will close.

Claims that we wouldn’t burn if not for trees.


We’re not impressed.  Trees and water go together.  It’s called evapo-transpiration.

Female superb parrot
A female superb parrot (conservation status – vulnerable).

Turn our backs and walk away.


Better have a lie down ‘cos frankly it’s so depressing.

The cows are getting skinnier.  Copious manure indicates an absence of dung beetles.

All the while, Australia burns.

The Clyde

Of miracles there aren’t that many,
So naturally when we ask for rain, we get hail.

Four hours post-storm.

Oh no, the (neighbour’s) ute!


Of insurance claims, there are too many.

hail damage

Too many deaths as well.


Another day, another pyrocumulus hell.


The word is out.  The greater Canberra region is alight.
I wonder how they’re feeling?  The new burb on the fringe?

new burb

Stands between us and them.

hills (1)

Finally got our secret weapon.  Ember Defender.
We stay.  We fight.

roof sprinkler

Famous last words, but yet a song to celebrate January.  It was a good month til it wasn’t.

This is my response to The Changing Seasons — January 2020 photo challenge, hosted by the lovely Su at Zimmerbitch.   I’m also taking up Debbie’s invitation (Debbie from Travel With Intent) to submit an image(s) inspired by the following quotation.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
Destin Sparks 

Click on the links to join in and to see other wonderful contributions.

One more thing, I’ve caught a cold …. let’s not even go there.

Kind Regards.

38 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – January 2020

  1. Your photos beautifully tell such a very sad story. I hope the fires have settled down a little, and that Canberra still stands! We’ve heard less about the fires recently — is that a good sign, or a sign of normalization? Best wishes for a better summer!

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      1. Well that’s good news and bad! National park and rural areas are tough places to fight fire! Constant alert is what it will take, and it is unfortunately also a cause of major fear and fatigue. I keep you all in my thoughts, and wish for a soaking rain for you! Winter will come, but first there’s summer — “hang in there”!

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  2. Poor hot birds. Great images Tracy. Your January was my November December. I haven’t heard that song in ages. Some of the lyrics are poignant. Bring on the rain I say

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  3. Janet’s right; your images of the birds and animals in particular are heartbreaking.
    I hope your cold isn’t too bad and doesn’t linger. It won’t affect your surgery will it?

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    1. Thanks Su. I thought about making the post less gloomy, but it wouldn’t really have been my month.
      I fortunately have until to Friday to decide whether to go ahead with the surgery next Tuesday. I think it is just a bad head cold. I’ve no idea where it came from. Grrrrr.

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  4. Your posts explain so well what is going on in Australia! I can’t imagine having to live with that for so long, and how depressing it must be to see all the suffering. I’m so sorry….

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  5. Like Su I’m glad you went with honest over sanitised, it wouldn’t have sound true what with the horror that you all have to go through at the moment. And I can well understand that the looks the birds are giving you say ‘Do something!’ – there are no words needed, humans and animals can understand each other perfectly without them. Hope your cold will cease soon and that you’ll be fit enough for your surgery!

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  6. Tracy,
    I give your post a “like” however, this is one of those stories the “like” is for the truth and heartfelt reality you share with us so we may FEEL the dire circumstances wildlife, you and your fellow Australians are facing. All I can send are my prayers and hopes that situations will change for the better soon…


    1. Thank you, Janet. Rain has brought much needed relief with many fires now extinguished. Unfortunately, the rain has also washed ash into rivers and dams and rare fish stocks have been lost. We just can’t win, but probably better the rain than not. Our fire has not been extinguished but is much reduced. Thank goodness.
      As for me, the cold is gone, and the eye surgery done, so now is time for all to heal.

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      1. That’s all good news — except for the fish! Unfortunately that’s a price that must be paid when the fires are so disastrous. I’m glad the rains were such good help with the fire fighting — I know that here when there are fires, we hope for a soaking rain rather than a deluge, but any water in any form is welcome! And I’m sure you’re relieved that the surgery is done and you are now healing — I hope it’s all going well!

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