Sorry about the title.  Aussie in-joke.  Here is another version that better accords with my personal philosophy — Stay calm and be kind.

Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.  All is well and nothing is well.  So on that note.

Top temperature today was 42ºC (107ºF).

Talk soon.

Kind Regards.


27 thoughts on “Stay Calm (And Quiet)

  1. Canberra has come up quite regularly today in our home chat, with Nigel telling me what’s going on because I’ve decided I don’t want to be constantly informed by Twitter after all! “Stay calm and be kind” is very admirable. Our thoughts are with you.

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  2. I feel your pain, not quite so hot here in my wee Huon Valley 40dC and my dogs are still panting now with all the doors and windows open, its almost 8pm and oh nothing compared to what you all in the ACT are going through and Monaro area. Apt song and by two of my faviourites, sadly no longer with us but so great to have this.

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  3. Friend sent me a meme: Girl is being interviewed for a job and is asked: “Can you perform under pressure?” She responds: “I don’t know but can take a stab at Bohemian Rhapsody.”
    Stay calm and try to smile, Tracy.

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  4. Terrific choice of song Tracy, for that is where we are: under pressure. I’m watching that fire with a sense of dread, and hope that you and your family are ok. We were in Sydney today, intending to stay until tomorrow, but the heat and humidity were just too much for us, so came home early. 41 degrees in Mudgee today and 27 overnight. Smoky and of course, dry.
    Btw, I think quiet Australians are beginning to rise up.

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    1. We are hot but fine on our side of town, Jane. I think we got up to 42.7c here today. Very humid this morning but it dried out during the day. The wind is blowing the fire south away from Canberra toward Cooma. It has been a horrific time today for the people along the Monaro. Eventually the wind will change and it will push the fire north and east again, which won’t be good. Everyone is worried about the fires, but I’m worried about those brumbies in the Snowy Mountains pushing into our Ramsar wetland which is the source of the ACT water supply. I would prefer the fire to the brumbies. It is the reason why we have such beautiful, clean water. Anyway, I do go on …..
      I hope you are not baking too much in Mudgee. The hot nights are a killer, aren’t they?
      I see no sign of certain politicians paying any attention yet to the ‘disquiet’. As for NSW, Matt Kean finally got of his arse to save that stand of Wollemi Pines. As he should. Now he can get off his arse and get those very hungry and thirsty brumbies out of KNP and away from our water supply. Since Braidwood are now taking deliveries of the ACT’s water, I think I might write to the Braidwood local newspaper and ask for their assistance to lobby their government to protect the ACT’s water supply. I’m getting noisier too, Jane.


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