Yesterday (Thursday) was International Mental Health Day, so I am having a belated mental health day.  Won’t you join me?  What better way to do this than to chill out with a few of my favourite friends and some relaxing music.

Firstly, here are a couple of bird photos taken by my True Love.

fantail cuckoo
Fantail Cuckoo (©Reflections of an Untidy Mind TL)
gang gangs
Gang Gang cockatoos (©Reflections of an Untidy Mind TL)

Now, here is one of my photos.  Any day spent with a pair of beautiful swans is a mental health day.

©Reflections of an Untidy Mind

In addition, because it is Friday, it is time for a tune.  I think I have a crush, but on what or whom, I cannot say.   Enjoy.

This is my response to the Lens-Artists Photo ChallengeFilling The Frame.

I shall return to the business of writing serious blog posts in the near future.  But until then, happy belated International Mental Health Day.

Kind Regards.

46 thoughts on “Full To Overflowing

  1. Such beautiful photos!! I’m in love too – with the wonderful birds, your writing and the inspiring music!! Belated Happy International Mental Health day to you too! 😄

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      1. Ah! I still use my Nikon P60. They don’t make it anymore which is a pity as it is light enough for my ‘bad’ arm. Anything heavier is difficult for me to raise above waist level.

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