In just under an hour, my Saturday will begin.  I am thinking of instituting a Friday song on my blog as way of celebrating the end of the working week (but of course, many people also work on the weekend and don’t get paid any, or very little, extra for this convenience).  Since the Ragtag Daily Prompt is sardonic, I might as well kill two birds with one post.

No one does sardonic better than Alanis Morissette.  I dedicate this pick to all the underpaid shift workers out there.  Everything will be fine, fine, fine.  At least it will be for me.

Sing it with me.

Happy weekend.



22 thoughts on “Everything Is Just Fine

  1. It’s about 7 AM here in California and I just woke to Friday, September 13. Not sure if that’s sardonic, but I’m looking forward to getting through this day. And it’s still a blazing hot summer here while it’s winter at your end of the globe.

    Be well, Tracy, and enjoy your Saturday.

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  2. I do enjoy the music of Alanis. Have you heard her song, “Ironic”? When the song “ Ironic” was released in Canada a debate grew accusing the Canadian Singer of not understanding irony. “Now isn’t that ironic…”!

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  3. A week later but still in time I think, since it’s Friday here and I’m looking forward to a lovely warm weekend!! 😀 Love Alanis Morisette and that song, and your idea of a Friday music post!!! 😀

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