You may be wondering why I am sharing this particular song, ladies and gentlemen.  All will be revealed in a future post.  Consider this a prelude to, or perhaps the start of, my overdue July Changing Seasons post.  If dark themes and sad endings trouble you, rest assured that post will finish on a much lighter note. Resilience, a few birds, help from friends, etc, etc.

The feature image is a photo I took in the midst of an overnight hypoglycemic episode.  Because that is what you do instead of fixing said hypo.  In the good old days, I usually had to finish the brief I was writing first!  I know which I prefer.  I’m looking forward to getting a new insulin pump and possibly starting continuous glucose monitoring if my budget allows.

Kind Regards.

For the Ragtag Daily PromptCommence.

29 thoughts on “Is It Over Yet?

  1. Ah, I can relate to those is-it-over-yet nights. So glad to hear you have bird allies and friends and resilience. And of course, all of these lights connecting to you in the blogosphere. Blessings to you!


    1. Hello Victoria, thank you for visiting and your kind words. I really appreciate those blogging connections you mentioned. There is so much in them that bring a smile to my face or much nodding in agreement, including your bird poems by the way. I’ve left a couple of comments on your posts which may have gone into spam or the wide blue yonder. Just letting you know in case you were wondering.


  2. I will wait for the great reveal because, of course, the video is not available to me. I do like the header shot, Tracy. I thought, ‘is that a bed sheet?’ ‘Is that a loaf of bread, blurred in the background?’ I think it’s very pretty.

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    1. That’s the dog lying next to me on the bed. I don’t know how i managed to make the background all blurry. The other choice was a photo of my foot poking out of the sheets. I thought that was perhaps a little too revealing. 😊 The video had 20m views on it! As we know, the internet works in mysterious ways.

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  3. Listened to the song on ‘Spotify’ because it would not stream on YouTube in my area. ‘’Fade to Grey’’ was new to me. I enjoyed its calm repetition. Hope you feel better soon.

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  4. The video wasn’t available in my area either, so I Googled it. I watched two video versions: one with current images, the other with original images from 1981. Loved the song, but the 1981 video should have stayed in 1981. In any event, I’ll look forward to reading your big reveal!

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  5. I hope you are ok Tracy.

    I love Fade to Grey — it’s one of those songs that triggers complex memories. I hadn’t thought of it in years, then a few weeks ago it was a pick in Desert Island Discs. Am feeling the need to dig out the old Ultravox, OMD and Japan albums.

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  6. The pump will change your life. I don’t have diabetes, but my close friend’s daughter does, as does my cousin. Both he and my friend have mentioned how it makes living with diabetes so much more manageable. Fingers crossed for you!

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    1. I have an old pump, Linda. It is good but I think the CGM would make life that much safer and easier. CGM is subsidised for kids and pregnant women. It would make such a change to the rest of us Type 1s (including us peri-menopausal women riding the wave of hormone-induced BG fluctuations) if we could get affordable access to CGM. A review is underway apparently. My fingers are crossed.


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