A small poem on dirty power, deeds and double standards.


Hats and Sacks — Fair Dinkum

In matters of the cheatin’ heart,
an Aussie bloke will go for broke.
And if the Aussie sheila is half fair,
divest her of her underwear.

Rests his gaze upon the fertile plains
of cotton baked on lands in pain.
Smells the water, smells the money;
the little head it tastes the honey.

To him the victory spoils are due —
lusty maids and country pride.
From his loins he plants the seed
of this once-mighty nation’s greed.

Drunk on fair dinkum dirty power;
true blue nationalist.  Sticks it up the activist.
For all is fair in love and war, in this
sordid tawdry rotten tale.

On her knees the country quails,
pleads for mercy from his cruel torment.
Yet he is not the only righteous aussie son.
There are many more of his ilk.

Root, shit and leave their [insert brand of iconic Aussie hat here] on.


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