June – the Serenity edition.

June – you cast your spell
dappled greys through sunlit days
frost upon your breath

chill winds bring the winter solstice
earth tilts, turns
a ballerina in slow motion.

We rug up.  It is a time of cold feet and cold houses.  But in the car, we turn the heater up high as the fog wraps us in its embrace.

Country Road

I have an urge to take black and white photos.  I hurry.  The mist is dissipating rapidly.

misty river.jpg

I am fast, but the town is still half asleep. The mood is gentle.  Liquid amber.


Heaven is a sunny spot, friendship and good coffee.

The river nestles in a valley, protected from the chill winds.
At peace.  Deserted, not desolate.

Murrumbidgee Dreaming

Except for the white-faced heron who glides serenely through the shallow waters.


As day drifts into night, there is warmth in companionship.

eastern rosellas

This is my response to The Changing Seasons monthly photo challenge hosted by Su Leslie of Zimmerbitch and the Lens-Artists Challenge — Serenity.

Kind Regards.


62 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – June 2019

  1. This is a very beautiful post, Tracy – eloquent in words and pictures. Love these lines. They put us right in the moment: ‘We rug up. It is a time of cold feet and cold houses. But in the car, we turn the heater up high as the fog wraps us in its embrace.’

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      1. No, no–we don’t use that phrase here in ‘merica….but, I might use in when it gets cold. I rather like it. Our heat is not dry; it is very humid. I avoid listening for the humidity and heat index. If you weren’t hot before, you will be when you hear those numbers.

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  2. A beautiful sequence Tracy, I love the Winter light and mist in your images 💜 ‘We rug up’ is so evocative of heading out into this freshness, ready for adventure 🙂🐾💖🐾 xxx

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    1. Thank you, Martha. It is much milder than normal here. It just seems cold because I’m trying to use less electricity. Which of course means that most of the time, it is warmer outside than it is inside. It is a good incentive to go out walking. I dread the summer, shut up in our cave house.
      Poor Bear. Lucky she has her holes. However, with Teddy sitting on her all the time, she is probably finding it difficult to cool down.

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      1. Soon we’ll be able to walk beside the river, assuming the water has receded. It’s a shady, breezy walk even at 2 pm. I want to go to the mountains, but the bears are very low in elevation right now because of the slowly melting snowpack and the long winter so I don’t want to go alone. My friends are not dependable. They say they want to go but they never do want to go. Oh well. 🙂

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  3. What can I possibly add Tracy. I’m nodding agreement with all the expressions of love for this post.you’ve caught beautifully my experience of mid-winter too.

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      1. That is very strange as you are not in my spam folder or in the Pending folder. Not sure what has happened as I certainly acknowledge everyone with a comment unless they are spam or similar!

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  4. Are the photos taken in Canberra? They looks so serene and quiet, although I guess there are areas of Canberra that could qualify for those descriptions. I can only agree with what everyone else has said, Tracy: it’s an evocative and calming post.

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      1. Personally, I think we all get to complain about the things that bother us, so no worries there. I mean face it, there’s always someone who is dealing with something worse than we are, but that doesn’t make our lives any easier. And once we get it out of our system, then it’s so much easier to appreciate what we do have….

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  5. You’re just entering winter in Australia and here it’s become summer. Topsy turvy world. I agree that black and white photos carry an emotional charge that can’t be conveyed by color – maybe too much riot in color. However, my absolute favorite photo is the one of the river with all the boulders reflected in the water. The color is so subtle and the mood nearly ghostly, things to come, things already passed.

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