Day 16 — Share Your Music:  30 Days, 30 Songs

The National Folk Festival is held each year in Canberra.  I attend the four day festival every year and have done so for many years.  The depth and breadth of talent to be seen at the festival is overwhelming.  My family and I had the great fortune of seeing Australian Oud player, Joseph Tawadros, perform at a couple of festivals.  Joseph is charming, very funny and a gifted musician.  Naturally, we bought some of his CDs, including World Music.

Joseph plays 52 instruments on World Music, although clearly not all at once.  Joseph’s incredibly talented brother, James, also plays 11 percussion instruments on the album.  Joseph Tawadros has a new album out — The Bluebird, The Mystic and The Fool.  I think I should buy it for my husband’s birthday.  He would like that.

Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June. You can see her latest post here.  It is not too late to join in the challenge.  Casual players welcome.

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13 thoughts on “Oud Star

  1. This is such an amazing song, Tracy! I absolutely love it!! And to know that he and his brother can play so many instruments -wow! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Tracy, I love this kind of music and have ordered a copy too! 🙂💖🎶 xxx

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  3. I’ve heard the Tawadros brothers a few times on the radio, but not this piece. It’s going to go straight to my Spotify. Thanks for the share.

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