June 5 is World Environment Day.  It is also Day 5 of the 30 Days – 30 Songs! challenge.  The song challenge is being hosted by Sarah, from Art Expedition.

So the day chooses the music —  Earth Cry (composed by Peter Sculthorpe).  Sadly, Peter Sculthorpe died in 2014 after a long and distinguished music career in Australia and internationally.

It is not too late to join the Challenge.  Casual players welcome.  Click here to create a pingback to Sarah’s Day 5 post.

Kind Regards.

22 thoughts on “Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs (5)

  1. Thank you for introducing me to a gorgeous piece of music, utterly mesmerizing and enchanting. i may have to track down this album. I wouldn’t have thought that such an ancient instrument could play with a traditional orchestra, but what a sound they produce.

    Years ago I heard a didgeridu group play at a museum and was stunned by the range of sounds.

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  2. Hypnotic is the right word for this stunning piece of music, Tracy! I really feel mesmerized having just listened to it and want more! I’ve never heard a combination of these instruments before and think it’s pure genius to combine them – such a range and depth. You’ve opened up something new to me again – thanks so much!

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