The return to cooler nights and mornings heralds the turn of season.  Autumn is upon us.  The little birds, silver-eyes, are enjoying the cool mornings and evenings as they zip through the garden.  Some even stop off for a bite to eat.  Hey, little bird, that’s my fig!

silver eye.jpg

Today I’ve been enjoying all the contributions submitted for the Ragtag Daily PromptTemperature.  You can see them by clicking on the link.  Why don’t you join in the fun?

It’s a beautiful day.  The sun is shining.  Warming, not beating down.  Perfect mosaicing weather, so that is what I’ll be doing today.  I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are.

Take care and cheerio.


33 thoughts on “Return To Cooler Nights

  1. Autumn’s arrived for you too then! We’re constantly see-sawing between heat that’s as hot as anything we’ve had over the summer and cold, wet, gale-wind, wintery days.. I don’t cope well with the see-sawing. Today – now it’s warmed up – looks like it will be beautiful here too. I hope you have a great day Tracy! – from Southland, NZ

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  2. The days are certainly getting shorter although we have another month of Daylight Saving to go. The weather is so crazy. Last Saturday it was forty degrees in some parts of Tasmania. Yesterday there was snow on Mt Wellington. This evening it is wet. It started raining not long after I got home from the Op Shop and I can hear that the road is quite wet now. The temperature has dropped to around 11. I would be happy for the rain to continue, it will help the firefighters to some extent. We are now down to three areas on advice but the fires are still going, just not so near the towns.

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      1. We get a lot of holiday visitors drop into our Op Shop for just that reason. “We didn’t think it would be so cold”. They stock up on jumpers and jackets when the weather turns bad. Backpackers too, we get quite a lot who stay for the fruit picking and between the cherries and the apples there can be some big changes in temperature. We sell a lot of pots and pans, bowls and cutlery to them too.


    1. Brrr. Canada does sound icy. I will keep that type of cold in mind when winter arrives here. You won’t hear one word of complaint.

      Que? Doesn’t everyone speak that way? 🙂 Just so you know, “cheerio” is rather old-fashioned.


      1. No criticism intended. I’m afraid my age is showing so I’ll drop the “cheers”! I’m a Luddite so my English usage reflects this fact. I do enjoy the clipped form of words. Canada has far fewer clipped words in daily conversation and seems resistant to new additions. We call water driven turbines generating electricity ‘hydro.’ for hydroelectricity. But clipping a word such as parliament as ‘parlie.’ is interesting’.

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