I forgot to include this photo of a beautiful fly in my November Changing Seasons post.  You know the weather is warming up when the blow flies come a-visiting.  Maybe these exquisitely beautiful creatures are not such a pain after all.  Unlikely praise for the king of the flies.

King of the Flies

summer arrivals
a trinket or a menace

blow fly

Kind Regards

Response to
Nancy Merrill’s A Photo A Week Challenge  — Things With Wings
and the Ragtag Daily PromptExult.  Click on the links to join in the fun.

17 thoughts on “King Of The Flies

    1. I”m embarrassed to say, dawn bird, because I don’t need such an expensive camera. It cost a fortune, but because I wanted to take bird photos and because I can’t see all that well, I wanted a touch screen and continuous auto-focus, so I went with the Panasonic Lumix G9. Then there is the costs of lenses on top of that. I economised there. Plus the trade-off was I stayed in a tent rather than motels when I went on holiday. And saw many birds as a result, 🙂

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      1. A good camera is worth it, but then, I’m biased! Once I started taking photographs I realised there was so much more to experience in life. I’m sure you’ll get hours of fun.

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