I’ve been inspired by Xenia from Tranature to try some poetry.  I must say this haiku business (and sound units) is all very confusing, so let’s just call this free verse.


hello rainy day
water speaks my name
softly gently


cut the surface
where beak meets water
silent ripple


I’m quite certain that following rules is not my thing.  But I do enjoy how every photo tells a story.

Kind Regards

Response to the Lens-Artists ChallengeSplash.

22 thoughts on “Softly, Softly, Splash

  1. Beautiful images and words Tracy and so lovely to see you writing haiku! I can imagine poetry will work great with your mosaics too 🙂💜 xxx

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      1. It’s a pass for me when your heart is in the right place Tracy 🙂 Counting syllables or sound units can be a helpful guide and your first poem might be called a ‘senryu’ by some, as it involves the poet directly, even though others may see it as a ‘haiku moment’. The second poem has the objective observer quality of haiku and the syllable or sound unit count only matters to those who write by those rules 🙂💖 xxx

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